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    Amelia Moore


    Quick Summary: Superpowered Crazy Chick
    Gender: Female
    Race: (Meta)Human
    Homeplane: Alpha-Two, Zeta Quadrant
    Size Category: Medium
    Alignment: True Neutral verging on Neutral Good
    Approximate Class: Student/Ingenue/Damsel/Buffy
    Description: Amelia's a pretty girl. She stands at a few inches over five foot, and has tanned skin, or at least skin that appears tanned. She has a mane of purple hair, blonde, pale blonde, at the roots, and big green eyes that border on hazel when she's sad. She has perfect white teeth, if a little small, behind her perfect mother-o'-pearl pink lips.
    Equipment: In Amelia's rucksack/bag lies her schoolbooks, some money, some dried food, a broken hairbrush, a rag doll, and a little make-up.
    Metahuman Powers: Previously possessing similar abilities, Amelia's superpowers have warped after some while on heavy medication and counselling. In a normal state, Amelia is rather strong, at least as strong as two heavyset men bigger than herself. She heals somewhat faster than the average human, and even wounds than don't normally heal heal on her. She's resistant to poisons, and to sonic and heat attacks. She is able to leap further distances than any normal human has a right to, and can occasionally hover, levitate, and fly. When panicked, Amelia's latent powers of teleportation can activate, along with her enemy-hurting aura, and, in any state of heightened emotion, her typical powers increase beyond basic levels. She is also completely immune to forms of mental control.
    Particularly Exploitable Weaknesses: Due to her previous encounters with angry telepaths, and her genetic predisposition to mental illness, Amelia is incredibly easy to manipulate. However, not psychically or magically, you actually have to screw her up in a mundane manner. She's also somewhat more susceptible to diseases than the average person.
    Backstory: Sister of Alek and Cressida Moore, Amelia was raised in a high-powered dimension, before heading off to university. It was when she bunked at HALO, with her sister, that her trouble started, getting into an abusive pseudo-relationship with former-fish Nomlas, becoming terrified by her weird semi-nephews Rufus and Nathan, and eventually getting mind-broken by her evil brother. After some slightly odd, insano escapades, she was found, and sent to hospital. After some while of rehabilitation, therapy, and drugs, she's out again. With a bit of a leaky brainpan, still.
    Common Knowledge: The only definite link to her past is Nomlas' name, everything else about her is currently blurred by memory loss. Events remains hazy in her mind.
    Rather less common knowledge: She, along with other members of her family, and alter-family, possesses the Fulcrum gene.
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