Terrance (AKA: Terra)

Gender: Male
Race: Human (Psi)
Alignment: Lawful Good (In a very meek and sheltered way.)
Power Level: 6 (Legendary Hero. This is mostly due to nigh-invulnerability brought about by paranoia.)

Description: Rather non-descript, really, hes just a young man, appearing to be twenty, of average height, fair features, and and slight build.
His bald head is immaculately so, one could logically suppose he has never had any hair at all.
The only thing that really distinguishes him from Joe Civilian are his bright, banana-yellow eyes.
And matching robe.

Psi Field: Forcefield acting alot like shields in Mass Effect, except drawing off Psi power.
Psi Skin: Same deal, except this works well against melee attacks.
Combine these two with a near-unlimited reserve of Psi power, and he is nearly indestrucable. His survivablity decreases as he uses offensive powers, though.

In addition to these, he carries a standard array of psychic powers (Psiblast, Ego Whip, Telekensis, precognition, Telepathy)
Thats all I really have the energy to write for now.