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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Catfolk
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Neutral Good (Respects the traditions of his tribes and of everyone but isn't the type of person to make a big fuss out of small law or code problems. Wants to be part of the group but to remain independant of mind and soul.
    Class (or approximation): Ranger/Hunter
    Power Rating (optional): 3 and aiming for lvl 4 if heroic deeds are done.
    Description: Catfolk of the cheetah sub specie (yellow with black spots), Shamalek is about 6 ft 2 high and weighs 175 pounds. He is sleek and has cut muscles (without being very muscular, he is in a fit shape). He got a mix of braids and cornrows in his short yellow and dark-gold mane. Beads and tiny totems ornates his hair.

    Abilities:Posses high hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Is very agile and gracious in his movements as well as being able to dash at impressive speeds (for a non-magical mortal). He has a knack for tracking with all of his senses, making him an already accomplished hunter despite his young age. His culture as well as his slightly above the average intelligence and wisdom make him very adaptative to any situation, enabling him to be comfortable and most kinds of terrain and weather. His beautiful fur and charming eyes gives him some advantage with the ladies (even out of his race). The rest is to be discovered.....

    -A longbow that has been crafted with wood from a cross-breeding between osage orange and yew trees. Catfolk tribal designs are carved all along the arc of the bow.
    -Dark-green quiver with 20 standard arrows and 10 piercing arrows (tip made from an unkown metal to him but he knows that they can pierce through thick skin like the one of bears or crocodiles.. probably leather armor too... to be tested ;)
    -A tent with all the basic stuff to camp outside
    -3 daggers on a knife belt around his torso.
    -High quality backpack
    -Small carving knife to make beads and totems
    -His smile

    Backstory: Very loyal to his tribe, it's in its name that Shamalek ventured far away from the great plains of the south, where the savannah is of a lush green and golden color and where the heat of the sun is felt even when all the stars enligthen the night sky.
    Sent to discover places, to found new settlements for every kinds and to achieve true symbiosis with nature (and the existence), Shamalek moves forward wherever the sun and the wind guide him.

    Miscellaneous: He is a quite agile swimmer, fact that surprises people thinking that all felines are scared of water. Sometimes he feels like the wind is talking to him, improving his aim and his perception.
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