Unusually Short Spaghetti-covered Yardsale - Cursed potions of healing half off!

Ok, before the yardsale closes I quickly grab some spaghetti off the stuff so I don't have to use my trail rations, and then buy a few of the cursed potions to slip to enemies (or at least resell if I can't use them, since with 50% off I can get the same price back selling them to some other merchant).

Self-replicating Crying Tombraider

I dominate it and use it to finish Tomb of Horrors for me. It needs to be self-replicating since things die there so quickly, and of course in ToH there's lots of reasons to cry. ;)

Helicopter riding Cursed Gelatinous Pyramid

Gelatinous Cube's have Int 0, so I assume a Gelatinous Pyramid isn't any smarter. Since such a creature (especially if cursed) is no way capable of knowing how to fly a helicopter, I run and get out from underneath it and wait 30 seconds or so until it crashes in a big fireball. ;)