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    The Puppetmancer!

    Gender: N/A
    Race: Lesser Puppet Deity.
    Age: 2 months.
    Alignment:Chaotic Neutral.
    Class: Puppetmancer: 25/ God Of All Things Puppet(tm): 1
    Powerlevel: 6/ 9 when in the Elemental Plane of Puppets or when within sight/hearing distance of a Sesame Street episode.
    Description: A small hand puppet roughly a foot tall with a white porcelain face forever bearing an expression of despair. His head is topped with red yard that serves as hair while a magnificent (and comically large) tarnished silver crown rests on his brow. He is dressed in a small green robe with three fuzzy black buttons running down the center. He carries nothing in his rounded hands but one may notice the thin white strings dangling from his wrists or the six tiny wings that jut from his shoulder blades, each looking to be pulled from a different creature.
    Abilities: Flight. Speech. Tool Manipulation despite not having thumbs. If he is destroyed he may either be reborn through the nearest puppet or reform over the span of a day in the Elemental Plane of Puppets.
    Puppet Possession: Can possess any puppet within a twenty five mile radius. He can fully control the possessed puppet and is fully aware of his surroundings. If the possessed puppet is destroyed the Puppetmancer is sent back into his host body.
    Open the Way: With this power the Puppetmancer opens a gate to the Elemental Plane of Puppets. The portal can only be closed by the Puppetmancer or an entity with a Power Level of 9 or higher. As long as the portal is open the Puppetmancer may summon up to ten celestial and demonic puppets per minute that serve as his bodyguards. Naturally anyone who enters the portal enters the Elemental Plane of Puppets, a mind shattering Marionette nightmare realm which few can survive.
    Heed the Call: All puppets within a twenty five mile radius animate and shamble towards the Puppetmancer like little puppet zombies. Puppets controlled in such a way will perform any simple task the Puppetmancer wills them to and will automatically defend the Puppetmancer if he is attacked.
    Dance!: The strings wrapped around the Puppetmancer's wrists spring to life and coil around a nearby creature's wrists, ankles, and neck. The Puppetmancer then takes complete control over the entwined creature so long as the strings remain in place. Destroying the strings is easy enough, requiring a single slice from an edged weapon per string. The Puppetmancer never runs out of string!
    Backstory: As a newly forged Lesser Deity of Puppets the Puppetmaster has decided to roam away from his home in the Elemental Plane of Puppets and see the many planes that speckle as stars in the great Planescape. He has wandered into the plane housing the ACRONYM factions and has taken interest in the goings on within the multitude of organizations located there. Not quite sure what ACRONYM organization he is to join, if any, he has taken it upon himself to wander through all of them, coming and going as he pleases until he finds the place that is just right for him and his legions of puppet minions.
    Miscellaneous: He really likes Sesame Street.
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