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    DaValeurian Trinity

    Consisting of Warscream Braze, Commandant Argent, and High Lord Or

    Race: Unendlichen
    Age: Rather Old.
    Features (which they all display): Each of the Trinity is immortal. They are unable to die. Each member is very, very fast, strong, tough, and dextrous. Each member's natural form is metallic, but some possess the ability to modify such visages. Each member is somewhat vulnerable to electricity, and are, to some level, capable of granting wishes.

    Class (or approximation): Warrior/Rogue
    Description: Braze has multiple forms, all based around the same template: a hulking monstrous beast. It typically stands at roughly ten foot tall, towering over the average human, with a huge bulk. It's vaguely doglike, with human features phased in to grant the entire beast a feral, warlike look, with a sense of extreme cunning. The beast has rows jagged teeth in its peculiarly large, ripped jaw, and its two eyes are small, with a semi-translucent coating, to prevent damage. When in such a form, its skin shifts, between rugged, partially furred mammalian hide, to thick scales, to the occasional flush of tightly-knitted together feathers, and, as its actual skin shifts, features and faces of previous victims imprint, from within, about its body, making it resemble a moving behemoth of composite ghostly, grabbing figures. In his metallic form, he still seems liquid, but is composed of a sometimes dull, sometimes shiney brazen or brassy material, that morphs as much as his typical form, to represent new "skins" in perfect metal beauty.
    Powers and Abilities: Other than the aforementioned abilities, Braze is a fairly good hunter, possessing keen senses, and he can, to a minor degree, travel across great distances by moving through shadows.
    Weaknesses that I'm likely to tell you straight off: Braze is a stupid animal. Though possessing some degree of animal cunning, and a vague sense of "battle", the beast is ultimately unintelligent. It's also an animal, and so is able to be distracted in... standard animaline ways? As well as that, it's somewhat lusty, and can be easily confused if given conflicting instructions by multiple authoritarian beings.

    Class (or approximation): Ranger/Rogue
    Description: Argent has multiple forms, all based around the same template: a humanoid form, slightly taller than average, with a wiry physique. In his more flesh-like form, his skin is a dull silvery-grey, and his eyes are a raw slate, his form only given colour by the rusty chrome state of his unkempt hair, that looks like it's been cut by some mad soldier, who's danced across the man's head with scissors, only rum to guide him. His clothes are typically well-made, and monochrome, made from sumptuous materials. Upon taking up metallic form, he becomes silver, in totality, clothes and flesh, all crafted, it seems, from almost-liquid silver filigree. Though beautiful to behold, there is a hint of danger, there. Like he could spring, liquid, to kill, efficient, at any moment.
    Powers and Abilities: Other than the aforementioned abilities, Argent is a well-trained soldier, tactician, liar, thief, and battle-leader. He has the power to reshape his body parts into weapons, merge silver into himself, and he also possesses the power of teleportation, able to teleport large and small masses, including groups of people. He can also teleport only parts of objects. He can open portals that displace projectiles and even enemies that threaten him, though doing so is somewhat draining. He can manifest his abilities via silvery portals, or through creating shimmering purple and silver esoteric disturances, that dance through the air like electricity - which can also stun people, as if they were, indeed, hit by electricity.
    Weaknesses: Argent is unable to lie, eat, drink, or rhyme.

    to be revealed at a later date
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