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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Vampire Rot

    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire, former human
    Alignment: Chaotic evil!
    Age: around 1,000, he doesn't keep track of it
    Class (or approximation): ranger-like, a ranger without the nature stuff
    Description: Black, spikey hair. Red eyes. Vampire fangs. Grayish skin. Steel armor. Bandolier. Two shortswords. Hand crossbow. Quiver with poisoned crossbow bolts. A nifty enchanted cutlass that returns to him if he loses it. A rapier. A snazzy cape.

    Vampire Powers: Due to the many different definitions of "vampire", I've decided to put all of Rot's vampire powers and weaknesses here.


    Regeneration: Rot can regrow anything except his head. But the regeneration takes a lot of time, it's not instant.

    Shapeshifting: Rot can instantly turn his body into a wolf, rat, bat, or cloud of smoke.

    Strength: Rot's strength is better than the average human.

    Fangs: Rot has vampire fangs. That he sucks blood rips your neck out with.

    Hypnosis: Rot can hypnotise weak-minded people with his eyes.

    Creature of the Night: Rot can summon wolves, rats, or bats and can talk to all of them.


    Garlic Allergy: Rot is horribly "allergic" to garlic for some reason. He is considerably weakened just by being close to it, and could die if he ate a clove.

    Positive Energy Weakness: Rot is weak to most forms of positive energy.

    The sun! It buuurns us: Rot is dissolved by direct contact with the sun's rays. Since he a semi-powerful vampire, it takes about 15 seconds of exposure to disintigrate him.

    Blood Dependency: Rot dependes on the blood of the living to stay undead. He can only "survive" three weeks without a meal.

    Backstory: Rot was born to a ranger couple in some far away woods in Trannsylvania with an unknown birthname. Rot was trained as a ranger from a young age and became a powerful protector of nature. He lived to around 30 years old before being killed by an eeevil vampire. Since the vampire was eeevil, he thought it funny to curse him as a vampire instead of just eating him. Once undeadified, Rot killed him. He found his connection with nature was gone and his sanity started withering away. He forgot his name and forged a new identity for himself, the bloodthirsty Vampire Rot.
    Personality: Most of the time, Rot is snarky and cruel. He enjoys the torment of others and seeks to increase and prolong everyone's suffering. He gets annoyed quickly and will lash out in violence at anything that irritates him. Usually he ignores his vampire bloodlust, but sometimes it will reach a level that cannot be ignored and Rot will go on a killing spree, usually sucking innocent people dry of blood. After a large consumtion of blood however, a bit of his human personality will break through and he becomes lethargic. When this happens he will find a bit of his former connection with nature and will probably go for a long walk outside.
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