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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Female
    Race: Catgirl --> Nymph (avatar no longer properly reflects character)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good?
    Class: Commoner Nymph. They're quasi-druids.
    Description: Looks like avatar minus gun and plus clothes. The embodiment of nature's beauty, Irene has become one of the most beautiful creatures around in ACRO (no, I don't know how to describe it. Shush.)
    Equipment and Abilities: Her gaze makes people ugly, so she has to constantly wear magical mirrored glasses to protect other people. Also has all the abilities a nymph has. Blinding beauty, druid spells, wild empathy. She has constant pheromones flowing from her that make people want her even more than they would a normal nymph. This, like the gaze is uncontrollable.
    Backstory: Amnesia sucks. Found out she was related to Butler and despised the way catpeople were raised as quasi-slaves for Adam's profit, so decided against trying to get her memory back. In a vain attempt to look more beautiful she cast three incantations from Vorka's book. The first made her gaze turn people ugly. The second shapechanged her into a nymph with an astounding amount of beauty. The last gave her the pheromone ability. Combined, this makes many people stop what they're doing just to drool over her, though some have proven resistant. Along with this change, Irene's personality seems to be changing and growing as well (about time. She didn't have personality before).

    Theme song: (Undecided, up for suggestions)
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