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    Lowan Tyshougretu

    Gender: Male
    Race:Arcanic Elf
    Age: 118
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class: Mage, Heilo/Aqui Mage, Ranger
    Power Level:3 or 4 depending on campaign or DM's choice.
    Regular Level:9-12
    Description: about 6ft, long wavy brown hair, Green eyes, wheres a robe made of bugbear hide, and a heirloom cloak said to contain anicent arcanic powers. He craves the adrenaline of the fight, and the thrills of adventure with some trusted companions.
    Equipment: A rather rare ECRC, (Elven Composite Repeater Crossbow) only found in Heilo, Aqui, or Tyshougreten Elven regions. A willow quarterstaff, with a Aqui Obelisk that is used to focus his arcanic spells.
    Abilities: Sharpshooting, Ice and Water Manipulation, Limited Water and Ice Creation, Limited Arcane Magic Usage
    Backstory: Lowan is the son of the archmage, Vallasito Tyshougretu from the Tyshougreten elven city, Shouteite. He spent is childhood learning from his father, the art of magic, and nature manipulation. Towards his adolescence, war broke out between the Tyshougreten and Shinivilbrm elves. An uncle of Lowan's demanded that he learn archery for his own protection. 15 years later when Lowan was 76, the war made its way towards Shouteite, where Lowan had his first fight. With his combined skills in Magic and Archery, he aided his homeland at fending off the Shinivilbrm Army. This eventually led to their surrender 5 years later. For his brave acts, Lowan received an ECRC,(Elven Composite Repeater Crossbow). Afterward, Lowan returns to his father to tell him he leaving to explore the world. His father, give him his arcane cloak, that been passed down generation to generation of the family. When Lowan turn 113 he met CMOTDibbler while passing through Ankh-Morpork. They immediately became good friends, and have shared many great adventures together. As of today, Lowan is a member of HALO currently, although for the last 15 years he's lived in Ankh-Morpork.
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