Name: Dorotha Bronska
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 27
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Alchemist
Power rating: 2 if unprepared, 3 if prepared.
Appearance: Dorotha is a blonde-haired, slim young woman of average height. Her hair is cut short. She wears glasses and a very practical brown coat with a lot of pockets and pouches and always carries a bag of ingredients and such with her. She always seems to have a serious, calculating expression and very rarely smiles.
Backstory: Dorothy was born into an average town family. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother took care of the house. Unlike her sisters, Dorotha resented the prospect of marrying some dull lad chosen by her parents - she has never shown much interest in boys herself - and spending the rest of her life cooking, taking care of the children and mending clothes. She wanted to achieve something, but her options as a woman were strictly limited despite being very intelligent and creative. She hanged out a lot in the vincinity of the university, to which she could never dream of attending due to her parents' lack of money and desire to send her there. There, she caught attention of a master alchemist, who were looking for fresh apprentices for his not very respected craft. He offered her to join the alchemists' guild and she were delighted to accept. Her parents' compliants were turned down by a heavy purse offered to them by the alchemists. And so she began her studies. She rose quickly in the ranks of the guild, spending all her time with retorts, potions and formulas, as alchemists weren't the type to socialize. She was quite content with that, though. At some point, she became familiar with the Demonhunter Project the guild had been working on for some time by then. She were responsible for overlooking some of the speciemens the guild had sold to the Church of Perun after her predecessor had died of old age. Lately, however, one of the experiments ran away, and now she has to track him down and bring him back to re-brainwash him...
Abilities and personalty: Dorotha is a smart, self-reliant young woman and a skilled alchemist. She always carries several potions, oils and trinkets with her. Given tools and time, she can create much more powerful items. She's not as sheltered and anti-social as most of her colleagues, but nevertheless, she's cold, calculating and distant. She operates on reason and cold calculation and rarely ever gives in to emotions.