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    Quote Originally Posted by boomwolf View Post
    God i hope a sample encounter is not necessary, i don't think I'll make it in time.

    I got 3 hours till I have to go to sleep, and when i wake up (6 hours later...) I go back to my base for 2 week, with no internet. and I got tons of other things I need to do until then... (like packing, and eating, and shower and study for my tests. arg!!!)

    Well, that's all I managed to do in my short time. what do you think?
    Control Shape: Where does this skill come from? I'm not over familiar with were-stuff, but as far as I know it isn't core. If there is an external source for this, it should be cited. If there isn't I don't see where you've defined the skill in the entry.

    Willing Transformation: This is more of a flavor bonus than a strict mechanical advantage. Flavor is good, but so are fun abilties. Since this is the entry level and the class gets all good saves it doesn't feel as dead as it might otherwise. Still, this could be paired with something a bit more dynamic.

    Lycanhunter Claws: Even as a bonus that applied to all enemies, this would make for a bland class feature. Especially when it's standing on it's own in half the classes levels. This can be replicated or done better with low-level spells, or a magic item. Enhancement bonuses gained in those ways aren't limited to one class of enemies either. This really isn't much of a feature at all, in my opinion.

    Track the Beast: This class is very specific and while that's not a bad thing, especially for a prestige class when you specialize you bonuses need to be that much better in your area of specialty. Again, this is something that would be a fairly trivial bonus if it applied against all enemies.

    Also, when tracking by scent you can choose to make a wisdom check instead of a survival check ( ). How does it interact with those?

    Silver Resistance: DR is nice, but unless someone is specifically hunting for you with silver weapons.. it's probably not going to come up. Not much tends to just incidentally have silver weapons on them. So, this makes for a fairly situational ability. Maybe if it tweaked your DR in more likely scenarios a bit more, it'd feel more solid.

    Reverse the Curse: This is almost entirely flavor. It offers little in the way of real benefit to the someone taking levels in the class. It feels a bit like a dead level to be honest.

    Darkest Hour: The power of this is really hard to evaluate. It scales with HD so, that's nice. However the DC is charisma-based, and this is a bruiser class you probably won't have the best charisma score. It's meaningless against even matches, but if the effect gets off absolutely a game-ender against a group of mooks. I think you're headed in the right with this direction. I'd tone down the severity of the fear effect overall, and give it another even lesser effect against things closer to your own power level.

    Right now it's just useless in certain situations, and overwhelmingly powerful in others. I really feel it should be more consitant.

    Overall: The class is shaky mechanically, I think. Given their narrow field of application, the features just don't do enough.

    Fluff-Wise, it needs more and it needs something to feel different. Maybe it's just me but I think "Were_____" vs Were____" just feels a bit too predictable for a transformation theme. That doesn't mean it can't work, but it needs something extra to really make it sparkle.

    On a similar note to all this:
    Anyone have any thoughts on the class I submitted. I still need to tweak it of course (do a balance pass, fix that one really wordy ability) but someones quick thoughts would be nice.
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