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    Quote Originally Posted by boomwolf View Post
    Control Shape is part of the lycanthrope entry in the MM. it SHOULD be known to everyone using a lycanthrope character.
    That's good. As I said, I'm not overly familiar with Lycanthropy rules.

    "Willing Transformation" might sound fluff-only, but when the DM plays right, alignment change matter. suddenly turning from lawful-good to chaotic-evil results in a massive behavioral change. lycanthropes are normally blood-thirsty monsters, and the entire class relies on not having to be one in order to change. so even tough mostly fluff, its necessary.
    That's nice. But it could be paired paired with something else. After all if you were played someone already in-line with your lycan alignment it does nothing.

    The fear ability of "Darkest Hour", As I assume you didn't notice, is a replica of the dragon's "Frightful Presence"
    I didn't notice. Even if it is, my feelings on the ability stand. It just doesn't feel quite right. I think a direct port of a dragon ability just might not be the best choice.

    In many things you said "its too narrow", but keep in mind many "Anti-X" PrCs are out there at wizard's books, and they all have situational abilities. this class WAS designed to be a specialized PrC, and not a "everybody does it" PrC. however some of your points are well made, so I tuned him up a little against all favored enemies, giving a bigger range of effectiveness, while keeping lycanthropes the main enemy. (you CAN have more then 1 after all.)
    I said that specialization was fine. It's just when you're as specialized as he is, you really need to shine in your area of specialization. He spends 1/2 his levels getting enhancements bonuses to natural attacks. Anyone can get this with low-level spells or magic items, and against everyone. His bonus against lycans needs to be exceptional. Not "Greater Magic Fang".
    As written he is marginally better against lycanthrophes. Hes giving up a lot of power in other areas, he needs to turn lycanthrophes into a fine fur-laden slurry.

    Now for your class, I fear it suffers from over-complexity.
    Noted. I'll look into simplifying the mechanic. What abilties specifically do you feel are hard to use?
    it took me awhile to figure out what is going on there and how things work, and when I did then I realized many things there are way over the edge in power level.
    Certainly possible, i haven't done my balance pass on the all of the formulas yet. I'll try to tackle each of your cocerns one by one.

    Tough Body gives you +7 Con at level 20,
    This feels reasonable to me honestly, though I dislike the odd number. I'll find a way to round the formula so it winds up being 6. Bigger bonuses are available for longer periods from other classes. If you have specific thoughts on why a CON bonus of this size is overpowered at 20, I'm certainly open.

    Resistant Body gives you SR 32 at that point
    Agreed. This is unintended. I meant for the formula to grant ~20-24 SR at level 20. I must have left the +12 in from another version.

    Durable Body supply a DR 10/-,
    Frankly looking at this, DR 10/- feels a little underwhelming to be honest. At 20 you're going to have a lot of magic being thrown around, and anything (that should be) throwing physical attacks is certainly going to be hitting for big numbers.

    but add in some attack-improving abilities
    He has some. Most of his Forge-Power abilties are offensive. Battle Arm, Chain Arm & Molten Arm all lend themselves to offense. Maybe it isn't enough, I'm not sure. I had a hard time coming up with offensive abilties that weren't just hit point damage. Hit point damage is as dull as things get, especially on a melee class.

    the ability to make magic items at rapid speed without wasting feats or knowing spells
    I'll tone down the speed ability, if I get other people feeling that's too good. However, I don't think making items as a non-caster really constitutes any advantage as being a non-caster already constitutes the largest disadvantage in the game.

    AND being immune to pretty much every type-based hostile spell,
    Hmm. You're right on this, it wasn't really I wanted the ability to go. I'm going to limit it to buffs & friendly spells. It was mostly intended to allow him to be repaired by spells that target objects, and mostly as a matter of fluff. I went about it the wrong way.

    and you turn every fighter who was willing to waste some skill points and a single feat (not like a fighter is missing any) into a highly-flexible, item-maker, nigh-unkillable monster construct something, even if for a short time.
    Nigh-Unkillable sounds like a bit of an exaggeration to me. Yes, he has access to some nice abilties. But energy damage and things that target his will save aren't really bothered by the classes abilties. The SR is over inflated and turned down.

    Thematically though, the class is supposed to have a very burst of power.

    (ho wait, only 1 minute recharge. so you just gotta hide for 10 rounds before you start the rampage all over again.
    Who gives up 10 rounds in combat? Really? Still, the intention is that it's usable once per encounter. I just didn't want to explictly word it that way since "Encounter" doesn't seem to be a definition used much outside Tome of Battle.

    I'll just change it to once per encounter, so as to totally squash the issue.

    many abilities are strong when you first acquire them and the then scale up nearly automatically as you level up.
    This much is intentional. I think static abilties you "Grow out" of, just plain stink. If the scaling is out of whack, it can certainly be fixed. However, the class abilties are supposed to grow with you, so they remain relevant.

    and every time you face a challenge you cannot defeat you can make up the perfect-for-the-situation magic item out of thin air if you are willing to give up some xp.
    Again, you're only supposed to be able to make Armor, Weapons (with DMs permission, a limited number of armor-like weapons). He can't use it to pop out staves, potions, gloves, rings. I'll clarify the limits, and again if someone else agrees on the speed issue dump that.

    Now, if I were a munchkin, I would have taken a single level in the class at level 6 and start forging myself epic magic items
    You can't do that. The enhancement bonus of items you work on is limited by your class level (not your character level, I'll make sure that's clear). With 1 level in the class, you can only make +1 weapons and armor. I'll clarify that at class level 6 you can't break the standard rules on enhancement bonuses/type to get epic items.

    It's good you pointed it out. That's kind of stupid abuses that can slip through designs, and have "Unintended Results" as people put it.

    , then easily beating should-be-hard opponents, and sticking to easy fights, get tons of xp, and make even more far-over-my-level magic items until I got the absolute best magic items possible, and THEN start to level myself up, quite likely in this very class for the absorbed bonuses you get at high levels from the transformation.
    The crafting ambiguities will be fixed to eliminate any potential abuses like this.

    On another note, your class is fluff-less. you gotta add some.
    I know. The fluff section is still empty. I'm still working on it.
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