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    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NE
    Affiliation: Acronymian Empire
    Abilities: Not much. He tends to rely on his equipment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaelaroth View Post
    And roughly 50% of all the dromes attempt to swarm into Vyrn's head. If they succeed, they'll grant him the ability to fly, read nearby emotions, modify his own tangibility, and modify short-term memories through touch.
    Equipment: Generally a pistol and a bunch of electro-grenades, which look like metal spheres with activation buttons, kind of like Star Wars thermal detonators, only with electricity instead of heat. Not that he's seen enough for personal combat. He now has a rather tiny gun, rather like a peashooter. In fact, it is a peashooter. The peas explode. Nothing massive, but can fry anyone the pellets actually hit. Limited range on that, though. It might also be noted that he's the ruler of the Acronymian Empire, and this gives him access to all of its arsenal.
    Backstory: He was supposed to be the next ruler of Drelin's country, but it was conquered. This makes Vyrn rather bitter and gives him quite a lust for power.
    Common Knowledge: Currently the ruler of the Acronymian Empire after a takeover of Inside. Seems to be running it better than the last government, though, in spite of the whole 'evil' thing. Is extremely controversial at the moment despite the relative lack of atrocity for a dictatorship and all the good things said government has done for the city.
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