James Firebrand
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Pyromancer
Alignment: CN/CE
Affiliation: None, but hopefully soon.
Abilities: A seemingly endless source of fire, he can conjure and control any fire. His abilities don't seem to tire him at all, and he's been used as a source of power on more than one occasion. He's twitchy and edgy, and some say slightly insane.
Equipment: One red robe. One large pendant. Neither seem magical.
Description: Crazed face, medium height, flame red hair, red robe.
Backstory: Trained as a barbarian from a young age, it was soon discovered that he had an apptitude for pyromancy. He was quickly transferred to the local Mage for tutoring, then on to a powerful Pyromancer. This Pyromancer abused him, using him to fuel a gigantic fire bomb. James was driven slightly insane by this, and turned evil as well, destroying the Pyromancer that had abused him so.
Common Knowledge: He is easily manipulated, but if he ever discovers that you're using him, he will incinerate you.