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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Why the heck not eh?

    Name: Frederick Theodore Fighter (Speaks in YellowGreen)
    Has been known to answer to the name "Freddyfoo", but only sometimes.
    Age: 60
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Fighter and Dwarven Defender
    Alignment: NG/CG
    Abilities: An expert on martial combat, war, weapons and how to use them.
    Equipment: Magical cold iron, silvered, flaming Axe (Small chance of unleashing a burst of flames on impact), enchanted mithril shield, enchanted mithril full-plate, belt of giant's strength, boots of dexterity, amulet of health and bracers of armour. Often keeps a sack of healing potions with him.
    Description: See picture, yeah, that's him.
    Personality: Loyal to both a cause and his friends, for them, he will fight to the bitter end. He is hard working and caring, yet he possesses a will of iron. When angered, Fred goes from his usually docile self to a warrior possessed with a cold and calculating fury, which usually doesn't end until his foes lie dead on the floor. Despite his good nature, Fred, like most dwarves, is very stubborn and can be a little gruff sometimes. Although he is smarter than your average fighter, Fred often forgets his own intelligence as he rarely has the chance to use it.
    Backstory: Born in a small dwarven town, Fred was trained as a fighter from an early age and upon reaching his 40th birthday, left home to become an adventurer like his great grandfather, who he was named after. Fred has spent 20 years battling against evil forces, yet most of the treasure he acquired was donated to charities, orphanages and temples of Moradin. He kept only what he needed to survive and to upgrade his own equipment to make him better at fighting the darkness.
    Common Knowledge: Fred likes cakes.
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    Yes, but that's Fred. He radiates awesomeness.

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