Jenna Church

Age: 19
Race: Human
Class: Mid-Level Ranger
Alignment: Neutral Good

Jenna is an adequate melee combatant, and can cast a small selection of nature-orientated spells to aid her journey. The Whitefeather tied to her staff provides her with further abilities, but if it was her choice she would never have that damn feather in the first place.

The Whitefeather – Jenna’s quarterstaff has a small white feather tied to the end, at once her most hated and treasured possession. The feather lets the staff strike with lethal force, and makes it unbreakable. It also glows a deep crimson whenever anything of fiendish origin is nearby, a side-effect of the feathers history.
Obsidian – Jenna has a small black stone that matches one that hangs on a chain around her sons neck. The stones are linked, and holding her gem allows Jenna some limiting scrying capabilities for Cal only. She knows his current mood and whether he is in pain or scared, but nothing of his whereabouts.

Quite short and very slim with long red hair that is kept in partial control by several brass cylinders. Jenna is young and looks it, but her eyes are rimmed with shadow and their depths speak of a deep sadness and a life filled with too much pain and tragedy for one so young. She’s pretty in a cute rather than sexy way, but doesn’t really pay much attention to her looks, preferring nature to take its course.

Personality: Jenna is a very charismatic individual in a chirpy happy kind of way. She’s always ready with a genuine smile or kind word for her friends, and seems remarkably cheerful for someone in her position. Still, the happy exterior doesn’t completely hide the seriousness of the journey she is on and the problems she has faced and still faces. She is actually almost constantly upset without Cal, and worries every minute of the day, but does her impressive best not to show it, thinking that her task is for her and her alone. Her journey to find Cal has already cost the lives of two of her friends, this is a burden she’s learnt to carry without help. For the same reason she seems to try and remain a friendly outsider rather than get too close to the new people she meets. She is in fact desperately lonely and just plain desperate, but is mortally scared of letting anybody get close enough to her to get hurt.

Backstory: To come...

Common Knowledge: Jenna has a young son called Cal who has been taken from her by some evil force. She’s on a journey to get him back, but has fallen upon hard times on the way, and she’s kind of at a low ebb right now.