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    Age:60(but looks young,due too race.)
    Height:3 ft.
    Weight:130 lbs.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Appearance: He has cold, slate-gray eyes staring out behind a pair of flimsy transition glasses. His eyes have an intelligent look about them, as if he's always thinking (which he usually is.)). He has pale skin, as white as the moon, a healthy figure, not exactly muscular, nor too thin. His head is covered in a thick mop of messy black hair tucked under a black bowler hat, the shadow from the brim covering most of his face, giving him a suspicious look.He wears a nice gray suit and pants, black leather shoes ((polished to a sheen)) and belt. Over these he wears a gray trench coat, collar up to his nose, belted, with pockets of holding.

    Weapons/equipment: His weapons are many, mostly guns, rays, or beams of some sort. He carries these in his pockets of holding. He also has some text books, chemicals, and some of his own inventions. And money, but not much.

    Backstory: He left his home when his father abandoned him. His mother slept around and drank a lot, and he was tired of dealing with it. He wandered the world looking for any way to get money, he was alone and desperate, and now it's become habit. He discovered he had a knack for science and mechanical work. You name it, he's either already made it or is working on it. His first major job was working on the S.K.R.A.L.L. project. He designed the shield and engineered how the brain controlled the rest of the body. Now he still wanders, doing jobs for the highest bidder. But, he hopes to settle some where and build his own business.

    Personality: Tilde is VERY smart and quick minded. He not only solves the problem at hand, but also usually eliminates future obstacles. He'll do whatever he's payed too, as long as he approves the price. He also loves explosions. Although he has a mind to rival that of any scientist, he typically acts a little immature. And, he only eats junk food like chips, candy, desserts, and drinks mainly pop. But this has no negative effect on his health. And even though he's a genius with mechanics, he has no clue how too use magic. He can make machines to have similar effects, but he can't. This downs him a little, but he doesn't show it. He never shows too much of any one emotion, but rather keeps an indifferent shield to ward off the potential pain of caring or pain. It's how he's survived...
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