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    Skodos and Phos

    Both members of the pair are deceased.

    Race: Spirits of Neutrality, incarnated in animated crystal.
    Class: Skodos is a Rogue/Ranger, Phos is an Expert/Bard
    Age: Not that old.
    Alignment: Skodos is LN, Phos is CN
    Affiliation: The Neutralist Organization
    Powers and Abilities: Both are fairly strong and tough, both able to physically overpower an average human. However, Skodos has a minor ability to scry the future and far-see, while also being able to produce blasts of concussive force, become invisible, move quickly, and make himself less substantial, while Phos is able to heal by touching wounds, and can mimic the voices of others.
    Back-Stories and Appearances: Atomos, a former NO member, split himself in two, so as to best try and fit the needs of the organization. The result was two beings: Phos, a small white crystal being, with a permanent theatric smiley face, who adored cooking, being friendly, and helping out his comrades, and Skodos, a tall, scary, elongated black crystal entity, who was fond of killing things, and spying. A match made in hell, perhaps.
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