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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Rose
    Alignment: CE
    Class: Lots of it
    He's a rose with a brooklyn accent. Along with unwanted added sarcasm. Womanizer of any species.
    Equipment and Abilities:
    Minor control of it's limbs. Teleportation as means of moving. Somehow able to will itself back to life. Sentient. Can talk despite no mouth or vocal cords. Received a variable mecha suit from Fullbladder.
    Backstory: A sentient rose brought into existence by the misuse of magical power, it was burned to death by its creator. Willing itself back to life, it swore vengeance on its creator. But isn't very motivated and usually forgets this. Being a rose and all.

    Theme song: Undecided
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