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    Myrna is deceased.

    Race: Hybrid Elemental
    Class (or approximation): Aristocrat
    Age: Physically 13-15
    Group (if any): She's currently in HALO, but's not a member.
    Powers and Abilities: Myrna is composed of liquid, and can flow through small spaces, swim well, survive under water, and under high pressure, and is somewhatr resistant to damage. She cries fire, and can breathe gales of wind. Her most interesting power is a form of radiation emission; due to the dimensional flux that brought her to HALO, Myrna was covered in cosmic radiation, from another parallel. However, when she comes into contact with people from this dimension, scary and random effects can take place.
    Backstory: Born in an elemental dimension, Myrna fell through a portal her psychotic fire elemental father made to try and suck his formerly troublesome betrothed home. However, after the portal absorbed the essence of Boudica, a goddess, it overloaded, shutting prematurely, and the girl was stuck in HALO.
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