Agent Orange

Gender: Male
Race: Psychethereal
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Power Rating: 1-8
Description: There's something...not right about Agent Orange. For one, he's not dressed in anything that happens to be orange, nor is he armed with citrus fruits. For two, his figure is usually vague, hazy, and accompanied by physical impossibilities. Appearance-wise, he's essentially a goody-goody looking Magtok, but there certainly has to be more to him than that.

Equipment and Abilities: The Agent's talents and equipment fluctuate unpredictably, as they're tied to his proximity to Magtok and just how far towards the good end of the alignment spectrum the purple-robed cyborg's mind happens to be at any given time.

Backstory: Not much is known about Agent Orange, even by he himself, most of it hazy and vague. It's known that he's some sort of shoulder angel-ish thingy, came into existence shortly after Nil's attempt to convert Magtok to good, and shares some clothing similarities with the Saint, suggesting that the co-founder of GLoG may've had more of an impact on Magtok with that encounter than the cyborg would care to admit.

Miscellaneous: Since arriving, he's attempted to command Magtok to turn to the goody side, fought his Nephilimental opposite, and taken an interest in the upcoming Armageddon thingy.