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    Doctor Malpractice

    Gender: Male
    Race: Nephilimental
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Power Rating: 1-8
    Description: He's a psychopath Maggy, in green scrubs/robes, dripping with seawater and blood, whose smell just barely covers up the fire and brimstone odor. There's usually a bit of rust on his face, a surgical mask to keep his mouth and chin covered, and a bloody scalpel about to get closely acquainted with your neck.

    Equipment and Abilities: The Doctor's talents and equipment fluctuate unpredictably, as they're tied to his proximity to Magtok and just how far towards the depraved end of the alignment spectrum the purple-robed cyborg's mind happens to be at any given time. He seems to favor medical equipment and Hemomancy.

    Backstory: Lucky for Magtok, he was aware of this one's presence creeping about in his mind, slinking about in darkness right away. It didn't stop it from demanding that he toss some GLoG corpses Malprak's way, though, not until Magtok caught it overestimating its capabilities and ensured that a pack of GLoG members would be around to slaughter the thing for him. He's since resurfaced, very much disturbed by Agent Orange's arrival, and what it could mean for his influence over the cyborg if left unchecked.

    Miscellaneous: Since arriving, he's attempted to command Magtok to turn to the depraved side, menaced a subconscious, tried to kill some green-haired vampire/succubus and gave eating his Psychethereal opposite a shot. Fortunately (for everyone else), he's failed at all of this so far.
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