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    Daisuke Hayashi

    Gender: Male

    Race: Shinigami

    Age: 200

    Alignment: Lawful Good (but doesn't really like those sort of terms, as in Soul Society, they don't really mean anything)

    Class (or approximation): Expert Shinigami

    Abilities: Daisuke is a Captain-level Shinigami, and can utilise both Shikai and Bankai. Naturally, this means that his Zanpaktou, Shinken, can manifest physically. He has recently become a Vizard, and can now control himself while using his Hollow mask. However, he can only maintain it for about three minutes, before it shatters on him.

    Skills: Master Swordsman (use of Zanpatkou), Expert Hand-to-hand, Expert hohō (mobility, basically involves moving really fast... as in it appears like teleportation and essentially works as such. It's called Shunpo) and also has some skill as Kido (Shinigami equivalent of spellcasting). He also has some non-combat skills. Recently become a Vizard.

    His language skills in English are astonishing, due to spending some time as a Shinigami leaning the language, and he is in fact bilingual i.e. can think in both English and Japanese.

    Power Rating (optional): Depends on the release state of his Zanpaktou.
    When sealed: 5
    When in shikai: 6
    Bankai: 7

    Description: As image at top, but the sword is bigger. My avvie is him in shikai. The Zanpaktou's abilities are here.

    Backstory: here, as he has told to Histor.

    Story since ACROverse:
    • Started what he currently considers a friendship with Dani and Samantha, both of GLoG
    • Had a... misunderstanding with Histor over Sam's soul. Thankfully a peaceful resolution came about
    • Interested in the Dromes. He can hurt them, and since they changed Sam's memories (reason for the incident with Histor), he wants their threat ended
    • Has formed a team along with Johnny Boy, consisting of (at present) Him, Johnny Boy, Skrall-2 and Takeshi, his brother. Dani and Sam may join after they have resolved some problems of their own
    • Encountered his brother at the Taverna.
    • Due to an attack by zombies at GLoG, is now a Vizard. Has controlled this.
    • Called back to Soul Society due to an emergency situation.

    Theme Music:Tonight, tonight, tonight by beat crusaders

    Previous Themes: Blaze of the Soul Reaper

    Daisuke's new look!

    And ones he no longer uses for various reasons

    Daisuke in Captain's Haori

    Daisuke without the Captain's Haori

    Daisuke without Captain's Haori and with cloak

    Daisuke in Combat (and pissed off)

    Vizard Daisuke

    Also, this is what Shinken looks like when she maifests
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