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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Thelomen Toblakai

    Gender: Male
    Race: Teblor
    Age: 90 (young for a teblor)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class (or approximation): Mage-Slayer
    Power Rating: 5
    Toblakai is about two and a half metres tall. He has rough tanned skin which takes on a red tinge when he "rages" (see abilities). He wears a tattered brown tunic and long dark brown pants. He has black hair. Whenever you're near him you can seem to hear a clattering of chains and screams of the dead. Trained magic users often seem to see chains attached to his back, trailing off into the distance.

    Found a few pics for Toblakai:

    Shows how big he is...Also this sword is better.

    Face is better, except he has hair. And those aren't scars on his face it's a tattoo he got at one point in the series that makes his face look shattered, like a broken windscreen (that doesn't have any glass missing) ugh, you know what i mean...

    Anyone who wants to stickatar him can feel free to...

    Equipment and Abilities: He carries a huge stone sword, usually strapped onto his back, with the hilt sticking up over one shoulder.
    It's about a metre and a half long. He also carries a shorter wooden sword, which is stuck through his belt.

    He is immune to magic, due to a red oil he smears on his wooden blade which protects it and makes it virtually indestructible. When he kisses his blade (oral consumption of the oil) it send him into a frenzy (much like a barbarian's rage) which he stays in until he collapses from exhaustion, usually an hour or two...

    However if the otataral dust/sword oil is heated and then exposed to magic, instead of just negating the magic, bad stuffs happens.

    Backstory: Read the first few books in the series The Malazan Books of the Fallen. but the whole story short;
    he grew up in the mountains with his tribe, went on a raid to kill "children" (humans). Instead he got captured, shipped off to another continent became friends with a few humans, made his stone sword, changed his way of life (less killing), is now hanging around doing not much at all except getting in peoples way.
    anyone who HAS read The Malazan Book of the Fallen, especially if they have read further than me (i've only read the first four so far), i'm sorry if my changing of the character offends you.

    EDIT: Making a second character.


    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class (or approximation): spirit-binder
    Power Rating: ranges depending on the spirit bound to him, if none then 1.

    Karl is an average looking guy. Light brown hair, green eyes, wears a white t-shirt with coloured patterns on it and black jeans. However when he binds a spirit to his soul his hair and the patterns on his t-shirt change to align with the spirit (if that make sense).

    Equipment and Abilities:
    Karl can call a spirit to him and bind it to his soul. He can do this whenever he wants but it's a lengthy process (about 5 to 10 minutes, which is ages when in battle.) He can hold this spirit for as long as he wants but the longer he holds it, the more it damages his mind while it's held. If he holds it for too long then it has a chance to take over his soul and wreak havok using his body. The stronger the spirit, the less time he can hold it without the chance of losing himself.
    Kudos to anyone who actually reads this.
    Karl's body is currently inhabited by approximately 5 spirits, hence him now being called "Karl" IC, because he isn't actually Karl at the moment. The spirits inhabiting him include; a fire spirit (who is doing most of the controlling, hence red speech), an illusion spirit (who is doing most of the magic), a shadow spirit, a scrying/seer spirit (hence his ability to be at the middle of everything), and a wind spirit.
    His actual body is currently invisible/shadow form, outside the Citadel where he was first inhabited. The puff of colours being when his multiple illusions sprang forth.

    Karl is currently his normal self again, though who knows when the spirits will beat his mind again

    Meh, I dunno, as a child he was found speaking to himself, when asked who he was speaking to, he said to the spirits from the other side. He was then chucked out of his magic-fearing village and began to wander. He slowly grew more adept at speaking to and harnessing the spirits and has been wandering ever since.
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