Name: Arag Ark'Arak, aka. Mutt
Race: Gnoll
Gender: male
Alignment: neutral good
Affiliation: HALO
Power level: 4-6
Age: the gnoll equivalent of a human 20
Appearance: Golden brown fur, honey colored crest-like mane, eyes the color of old coke bottles, wears loose fitting, baggy pants in lighter colors, no shirt, shirt + fur equals uncomfortable
Class: ranger/cleric, he's not sure what he wants to train in yet.
Combat Proficiencies: good with his claws, decent with weapons, great at avoiding attacks
Special Abilities: Poison immunity: All gnolls have developped this due to their ancestors being carrion eating hyenas.
Alter voice: He can change his voice to sound like anyone, a thing most gnolls have, but few practice.
Clerical abillities: has some clerical talents, healing, calling down the hyena spirits he follows rather then Yeenoghu, etc.
Ranger abilities: has some Ranger talents, good at tracking, a decent shot, etc.
Common Knowledge: Small for his kind, has a voice that always sounds a bit on the timid side, curious, trusting, submissive.