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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    ***Deep Deadtime***

    Deadtimed with MoveMent



    Simone doesn't know her exact age, but she is probably around 13-15. She is very thin and small, with bright attentive eyes, and an impish smile.

    • Skilled linguist: Growing up in a trade town, Simone learned many languages, and learns new ones easily
    • Urban stealth
    • Pickpocket
    • Lockpick
    • Streetwise
    • Haggle / Bluff / Read people
    • High dexterity and speed


    Simone's mother Evaya worked on the streets, telling fortunes and stealing when she could, but selling her body when she had no other options. She didn't know which of the men fathered Simone, but she did her best to take care of her child. But with another mouth to feed, she had to resort to prostitution more and more. She did her best to protect her daughter from such a life. When Simone was about 10, Evaya died after being beaten by one of the men who'd used her.

    After this, Simone lived on her wits, stealing, begging, running cons, and offering her services as a guide and translator to tourists. She relied on her speed and stealth to escape human predators, but was one time forced to stab a man who tried to molest her. She found out later that he died.

    Eventually, she made her way to Acro.


    Simone's most prominent characteristics are her inquisitiveness, her cheerful extroversion, and her pride. Usually, if she shows any vulnerability, it is a calculated to manipulate the sympathy of others to her advantage. She believes that she's the only person she can rely on, and refuses to make herself dependent on others. However, she is friendly to everyone, and despite the hardship of her life, seems to have very little bitterness.

    • * Knife
    • * Lockpick tools
    • * Juggling balls
    • * Various other rogue implements that I don't feel like researching
    • * A lock of her mother's hair

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