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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 45
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Wizard, specializes in Conjuration

    Tan-skinned human of average height. He wears a headband made of gold, gold-painted steel shoulderpads, gold-painted steel plate that only protects his upper chest (see pic), a gold-painted steel plate kilt... skirt... thing (again, see pic), and a saphire on a silver chain hanging from his neck. Tonk keeps no other items on his person. He is usually quiet and thoughtful, but not shy. He just doesn't give his opinion unless asked or he feels compelled too. He owns a small personal demi-plane, which he uses as a storageroom for all the miscellaneous items he collects and creates. In it he has items such as bags of money, bows, arrows, wands, swords, armor, maps, spellbooks, story books, blank parchment, quills, ink, and many other usefull and useless objects. He accesses the storage by specifying an object in his mind and then saying the object's name out loud with an exertion of magic, the amount of magic depending on the size and number of objects. He can also teleport any object that came from the storage back to himself or the demi-plane and can also attune other items for storage there.

    Weapons: Tonk's weapons are a recurve bow with an individual arrow (he summons the arrows one at a time instead of getting a quiver because he can just keep on resummoning the same arrow) or a number of different wands he summons from his demi-plane. He made the wands himself to make up for his lack of offensive magic and they contain magics such as lightning, fireballs, magic missiles, and magical sticky webs. His headband has various protective enchantments like a stoneskin enchantment and against heat, electicity, and cold.

    Miscellaneous: For the bags of gold in the demiplane, only the bags themselves are attuned so he cannot teleport the actual gold.
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