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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    The Master

    Gender: Male (so far)
    Race: Time Lord (?)
    Age: Take a Guess. You're likely wrong.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class (or approximation): Villain

    Description: A little way past youthful, but still in his prime, perhaps in his early thirties, in human terms, though he could, physically, be a good twenty years older than that, perhaps, with blonde-brown hair, and cornflower blue eyes. Most frequently seen wearing a casual tan-brown suit, jacket rather too long for sensible people, the shirt untucked, top button undone, prettily coloured tie somewhat loose, his trousers just as incongruously designed as the jacket - too long, and a bit flared.

    Equipment and Abilities: Personally, I think that the slightly dented, and window-misted London phone-booth, oddly devoid of any particular graffiti or stuck-on chewing gum, is his most admirable possession - really a TARDIS, a device capable of travelling through time-and-space, flying, endowing certain people with super-godlike powers, resisting huge amounts of damage, and, unlike Vespe's changing its shape. It's also much, much bigger on the inside. And may contain a small indigenous tribe of rather confused forest gnomes. Though they may all be dead by now...
    What else? A variety of psychic equipment, a certain kind of screwdriver, fitted with isomorphic technology, a tissue compression eliminator, fitted with the same isormorphic security system, and other stuff a certain player can't be bothered to remember right now.
    And as for abilities, he can regnerate (the bolded R makes it more important!) when killed into a new form, lives for ages, has some degree of communicative telepathy, and can occasionally possess people. He's considerably more resistant to a number of things that humans aren't quite so resistant to.

    Backstory: A tale for sore ears. A long one, too. Which is rather eventful.
    Miscellaneous: Where?!
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