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    Takeshi Hayashi

    Gender: Male

    Race: Hollow (Adjuchas-class)

    Age: about 200

    Alignment: Evil. Won't say any more, but actions suggest Chaotic. General Behaviour in those actions suggests Neutral. If you bother to scan him, he'll read NE.

    Class (or approximation): Arrancar

    Power Rating: Depends on whether Zanpaktou is released or not.
    When sealed, 6.
    When released, 7.

    Description: Brown hair, the left of his face is covered with his Hollow mask. His Hollow hole is in the left side of his chest, where the heart would normally be. He wears a white jacket.

    Equipment: His Zanpaktou.

    Zanpaktou: Gran Bestia, takes the form of a Tachi.

    Release: Wake up, GRAN BESTIA!
    Takeshi is enveloped by a pillar of energy. When it disperses, white bone material has covered his chest and arms, the latter of which grow to double their normal size (although proportion is unchanged). In this state, one punch from him creates a shockwave that destroys a 10 kilometre radius.

    Techniques: Sonido (high-speed movment technique. Appears as if you are teleporting, distinctive in that it produces a short sound that is almost like ripping or TV static), Hierro (iron skin. Takeshi can easily take any normal bullet without flinching, and even Shinigami have trouble cutting him. That said, he is by no means invincible), Cero (an energy blast that is extremly powerful. Requires charging, but will cause serious damage if it connects), Bara (an energy blast that, while not as powerful as Cero, is twenty times faster and can be fired at a higher rate), Resurrección (release of Zanpaktou. Exact details unknown). He also has enough muscle strength to break a concrete wall in half with one punch.

    Backstory: Was Daisuke's twin brother when they were both alive. After death, lingered on and became a hollow. He is known to have eaten his sister's soul, and has managed to survive for over 200 years.

    Events since ACROverse arrival:
    • Joined his brother's attempts to find out about the recent apocalypse

    Personality: Although he believes that battle is the only place one can really feel alive, Takeshi does not lose himself in it, instead analysing his opponent's strategy and attacks. He does not even generally draw his blade, much less release it, unless he need to win quickly or he is losing. As he has quite strong Hierro (iron skin) and muscle strength, this is not normally a problem.

    Outside of battle, he is generally quite polite, although he will often insert subtle or not-so-subtle taunts into conversation.

    Theme Song: La Distancia Para Un Duelo

    Planned for

    after his redemption.
    Madder Sky.
    Yes, I just used a non-Bleach soundtrack.

    Other Images:

    Takeshi in combat

    Takeshi with Zanpaktou released
    It seems that the avvie maker can't do this. Shame.
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