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    Vallasito Tyshougretu
    Gender: Male
    Race: Arcanic Elf
    Age: 896 (Looks 30-ish in Human age)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Arcanic Grandeur Mastermage, Master Aqui Mage
    Power Level:7
    Regular Level29
    Description: about 7ft 5ins, long rustic brown hair tied back in a ponytail, A arcanic robe and cloak showing his teaching rank as Grandeur Master. His Eyes were Brown, but hard to tell due to so much aura in his body that makes them appears sky blue.
    Equipment: A large bag of holding with straps on it to carrie on his back, and a heavy oak staff with a Obelisk magically welded on to the top.
    Abilities: Vallasito is a master of almost all magic and arcane arts. This includes General Magic, Arcane, Elemental, Celestial, and Demonic Arts. He is also capable of using a list of other lesser known magics at a near masterful level.
    Backstory: Most of Vallasito's backstory to too long to be written on this forum so I'll only cover the general stuff. At age 93, Vallasito graduated as a adept arcanic elf. At age 207 he became a teacher. He is now the Grandeur Master of arcanic magic teaching to Humans, Elves, and Halflings. Vallasito is also the father of three sons, with Lowan as the 3rd son. He's also fought in two wars that were won because of his contribution. Vallasito married the beautiful Celereenia when he was 501. 50 years ago, Vallasito was given the rank of Grandeur Master Mage by the Elven King. He is also a master of Water Nature with near demi-god control.
    Misc: Vallasito is a good friend of Detritus, CMOTDibbler's character and is the father of Lowan Tyshougretu.
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