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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Steven Ipkyte
    Race: Human
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Neutral
    Height: 5ft 11ins.
    Weight: 72Kg
    Description: Short brown hair, average build, average face, except for one thing, one of his eyes is a deep pool of red.
    Equipment: A black suit and tie. Black shoes. He possesses a single red glove which anyone in tune with the magical artifacts of the multiverse could identify as "The Glove of Desiderio".
    Power level: 1

    The Glove of Desiderio
    Anyone who wears the glove takes the form of their heart's desire. E.g. If the person is a lonely and hopeless romantic, they will turn into a love-crazy wildman. The wearer of the glove can manipulate the reality around them but often only in a cartoonish fashion, e.g. They can make their body contort impossibly, they can turn their hand into a gun, etc, etc.
    When worn by someone else other than Steven, the glove will try to influence the current wearer to remove the glove.

    While wearing the Glove of Desiderio, Mr.Ipkyte becomes an entity known as The Hand.

    The Hand
    Speaks in both Red and Blue
    Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral
    Description: Same build and height as Steven, the only difference is that The Hand has red skin and deep blue eyes. He's often grinning and radiates confidence.
    Abilities: The Hand usually uses his powers to play innocent (according to him anyway) pranks on the people around him. However, when the need arises, The Hand can become a powerful force of destruction and Havoc, using every trick he's got to bring down his foes. The Hand can alter the laws of physics around him at will and to an extent, bend reality.
    Power Level: Usually around a 4, but when his true power is unleashed, it can rise all the way up to 9 and maybe even go beyond that.
    Equipment: A red suit, a red feathered hat, red shoes, a deck of cards and an unending supply of roses.
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