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Thread: Synchronized Swordsman (PRC)

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    I'll admit; it looks rather weak, especially for a PC class. Given that two characters are taking this, I'd like to see some really powerful teamwork abilities. The current abilities are rather few for such a class, and of fairly limited scope. I have no real suggestions at this point in time (I've been having a bad day, and am thus fairly uncreative at the moment), but I think it could use a significant boost both in terms of power and flavor (although it has a decent amount of that in concept, many of the abilities are, IMHO, a bit lacking).

    Edit: Alright, I had a few ideas after all.

    The Rogue's Opportunist ability seems PERFECT for this class. 1/round free Opportunity attack on an opponent your partner has struck in melee? Sounds good. One makes the opening for the other.

    I'd also make Got Your Back scale at 1/2 level, rather than making it 5 separate you more room to flush out the class. It also doesn't make much sense with Skill checks...they're Swordsmen. I'd make it work if they're attacking the same foe (and make it a bonus to just Attack and Damage).

    Maybe an ability called something like Back to Back, which gives them a similiar bonus to Saves and AC when in adjacent spaces, or renders them immune to flanking in a similiar situation.

    Just tossing ideas out there.
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