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    Catelyn Merriman

    Race: Human
    Class (or general approximation): Witch
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Unaligned
    Height: Average for a giiirl!
    Weight: Average. Though lacking much food most of the time, she's wiry.

    Description: This girl is a girl. Durrh. She has long, auburn hair, which has been hacked at in places, as if someone's tried, and failed, to cut at it with a knife, which falls, slightly unevenly, across her shoulders, and a little way beyond. She has blue eyes, which, though pretty, are nothing amazing - they're just rather a nice colour, and the rings around her iris are a cooler shade than most. She's Caucasian, and has English Rose style skin, which has been burnt, and slightly tanned. In places - no doubt because of that darned sun which shines on people - even on her! She's moderately tall and built, though perhaps some people will be put off by her wiry, sometimes scarred muscles. She wears clothes! They're listed below! Normally.

    Equipment (and such!): She wears clothes (I saided that already, but you might be ignoring me). Primarily in greens and browns. She has a backpack, big and olf fashioned, with lots of clips and belt-like straps on it. She has a mirror, a small make-up bag, a number of modelling waxes, feathers, semi-precious stones, and bags of small coin. And general backpacker's/adventurer's gear. She also has a somewhat sentient (though less sentient that Vorka's) spellbook. From which she can cast a variety of spells: charms, hexes, rituals, dark-magicks, and the like. The books permits her to cast any of its myriad of spells - but each one can only be used by her, once. Yaay! She has a number of pouches of magical paraphenalia as well.

    Powers and Abilities: Apart from the spell-casting from her book, Catelyn has a few other abilities. Without her book, she can cast spells, but nothing overly complex. She is somewhat tougher and more resilient to most factors that normal humans aren't, and is able to smell, and ignore, all poisons. When close to death, she can manifest a number of abilities (flight, razor skin, pyrogenesis) - as long as she has her book with her, and the same state is oft-accessed when she has "overdosed" on spellcasting, suffering in much the same way that Vorka does - however, unlike her half-brother, she is much more able to utilise said effects. In her normal form, she has far enhanced sense of sight and hearing, and is able (to a minor degree) to view magical things, such as auras, and hear interference on other planes of power. She has a telepathic link with T't'ik, and Abigail.
    Backstory: To Come
    Relations: The half-sister of Vorka Stark. A friend of T't'ik.
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