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    Quote Originally Posted by Icewalker View Post
    Don't let one attack of opportunity trigger another, while it would be interesting, it's usually not good to balance a class with one really powerful ability. I'd say don't let them back and forth trigger with that, and add the rage when partner drops.
    Okay. What about allowing it multiple times per round, which means you can have one partner TWFing, triggering abunch of attacks from the other partner with a greatsword.
    Yeah, Synchronized Strike and Defense need new names. What it really is is partner A attacking an opponent, Partner B, who is familiar enough to recognize when and how A is going to attack, is ready to take advantage of that opponent's distraction. With Defense, A gets attacked, B knows how A defends well enough to know how to take advantage of that distraction.
    Maybe something like Twinned Strike and Retaliatory Defense.

    Alright, if were not doing AoO-passing, we'll need another powerful class feature.

    I may use the name "Synchronized Strike" For some thing where the two partners attack simultaneously, if both hit the enemy makes a fort save DC 10+ Damage Taken or else get's stunned.

    Hmm, some other potential ideas

    Two-Man Takedown: One partner makes a Trip check against an opponent, if this succeeds, the other partner may (provided they haven't gone yet), make a single attack at their highest base attack bonus on the now-prone foe. This attack automatically threatens a critical.

    Edit: Also, maybe somthing that lets the partners occupy the same 5-ft square (Great for narrow tunnel fighting).
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