Mophosithilies (MOFF-os iíthee-lees)

Gender: Male
Race: Bebilith
Age: 243
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class (or approximation): Probably fighter
Power Rating (optional): 4
Description: He's large, very large, with a 13 ft. legspan and weighing nearly 2 tons, and looks uncannily like a very large spider. His carapace is red, with black spots.
Equipment and Abilities: No equipment, he can't hold it. He can throw a sticky web, has a poisonous bite, see in non-magical darkness, damage armour easily, walk on walls, and cannot communicate verbally. His claws and mandibles are good against lawful and good creatures, and his damage reduction makes him quite hard to kill. Also, if he dies, he'll regrow his body on the 66th Abyssal layer.
Backstory: He was sent by Lolth.
Miscellaneous: I'll add later.