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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Victoria Gecko
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Class/Approximation: Cleric
    Gender: Female.
    Height: 5ft 5ins.
    Weight: 55kg
    Age: 17
    Description: Long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, brown eyes, generally a pretty girl.
    Personality: Kind, caring, generous and honest. A very nice girl in general. Maybe a little bit too optimistic at times.
    Equipment: A magical shortsword, blue jeans, a green t-shirt, a green coat, a red bandana, white shoes, a backpack and a holy symbol (A unicorn)
    Abilities: As a cleric of Ehlonna, Vicki can cast divine spells (roughly a 5th level cleric), she can also channel positive energy. She's not bad with her shortsword either.
    Power Level: 3
    Affiliation: GLoG
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