Andromeda "Slayer Draco" Wolfwood
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf
Age: 26
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class (or approximation): Fighter
Power Rating (optional): 5
Description: Andy has short, very boyish black hair. Her skin is quite tan, mostly from traveling in the desert for a few years. Yellow eyes hide under her bangs. Attire is not her strong suit; she usually wears a black shirt with a leather jacket on top, blue jeans and combat boots.
Equipment and Abilities: Andy doesn't carry much with her. Just a small saddle bag with a few belongings and her greatsword. Her abilities consists of her other two forms, her hybrid form and full beast form. Beast form is merely a black wolf. Her hybrid form is half-human, half-wolf. When she does get into a scuffle, she reverts to her hybrid form most of the time, using her claws and sharp teeth to her advantage. However, using this form drains her energy swiftly, so she only uses it as a last resort. Her weakness to silver weapons also becomes a problem whenever she is in her hybrid or beast form, causing double the usual damage.
Backstory: Andromeda was born from a human mother and a lycan father, so she is what most lycans would call a "half-breed". Her and her father managed to disguise their identities for a time, being able to live in peace with the humans. She fell in love with a man named Sirius eight years previously, but things took a turn for the worse when she accidentally revealed what she was in order to save his life. As it turns out, Sirius was a part of an organization that hunted down lycans. He found and killed both of her parents, but she managed to escape. Her perspective on humans has been altered ever since, causing her to be suspicious and uneasy towards those she is unfamiliar with.
Miscellaneous: She wears a silver locket that has pictures of her mother and father inside it.