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    T't'ik Dawncaller

    Race: Human
    Class (or approximation): Shaman
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male (in base form)

    Physical Description: In his normal form, T't'ik is a tall, muscular man, with dark skin, possibly of Native Canadian descent, in his late thirties, with greying hair, originally black, and large, black eyes. Distinctive features include rather feminine slanted eyebrows, and hooded eyes, features which offset eachother oddly. His mouth is broad, and his face is wide. As a woman, he is similarly androgynous, though his muscles translate slightly more into borderline voluptuousness, and his hair flows long, the greying mysteriously absent from his feminine form.

    Powers and Abilities: T't'ik has several abilities derived from his connection to the natural world. He is able to shift his own gender, flowing, in a few seconds, from man to woman, or vice versa, and suffers no pain from said effect - such a transition is clean and easy, and he can remain as a woman indefinitely. He is also capable of shifting his own physical age, in either sex's form, however, this change is much more painful, though equally quick. His final own ability is the power to channel life-force, to redistribute life-energy through his hands - sucking it out of others to heal himself, or weakening himself to grant others healing. He is also fitted with a telepathic connection to Catelyn Merriman.

    Notable Weaknesses: T't'ik is unable to speak, as he lacks a tongue. He loses all of his healing powers when exposed to lead, and, if the exposure lasts longer than a few seconds, he also finds himself trapped in whichever form he was currently in. A sufficient electric field also snuffs out his connection to Catelyn.
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