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    Age: Seems to be in her early 20’s
    Race: Human?
    Class: High Level Cleric/Sorcerer
    Alignment: Lawful neutral with evil tendencies

    Calithra has access to a variety of potent divine and arcane spells, specialising in illusions and effects that debilitate and induce disproportionate amounts of pain. She is also a skilled necromancer, and uses the skin of her vanquished foes to create her puppets, Axe being the most powerful example. She crafts puppets when the mood takes her, lavishing a level of care and attention to detail on flaps of dead flesh and skin that makes others skin crawl.

    Calithra is not a strong melee combatant, but she doesn’t need to be with the skills she has at her disposal.

    Axe – Calithra’s most powerful creation has also turned out to be the one she has to keep an eye on. This gothic black puppet was made from the cold strength sapping skin of a Wight, is completely self aware and evil to the core. For several weeks Axe had escaped into the world on his own, burning and mutilating as he teleported from hand to hand. Calithra currently has him bound to her own left hand, warded with several power dampers and fields to keep him under control. For now Axe is under his mistresses complete control…and isn’t at all happy about it.
    Vision Prism – Calithra keeps this fist-sized facetted clear gem deep within the confines of her robe. It is a locus for her illusions, and her tool for showing others what they don’t want to see. She weaves her visions through the gems fractured surface, all the time telling the watcher that this is their past, their future, their present, or their own thoughts and desires.

    Calithra looks for all intensive purposes like a full on gothic bride; porcelain white face, long black hair streaked with white, black make up, a trailing black dress covered in lace. She never smiles, and her face rarely shows any emotion, as if the delicate veneer would crack if put under too much pressure. She looks rather otherworldly in a dark kind of way, like an angel of pain, which is what she might as well be. Calithra has no idea how she got to be the way she is, her memories are a mixture of dark blurs and incomprehsible snippets of events long gone.

    Calithra speaks in a lifeless light voice that rarely alters its tone or cadence. She is a cold woman, seemingly ancient beyond imagining with all emotion lost to her long ago. She crafts her puppets without expression, doing it only because she can, and it’s a shame to waste skin. She seems to take no pleasure in making people hurt and hate themselves, but continues regardless. Why does she do it?

    Backstory: Not to be exposed yet…

    Common Knowledge: To most outsiders Calithra is a cold and evil woman who likes to hurt people. But it soon becomes apparent that she just induces people to hurt themselves, not only that but most of her victims, deep down, want the hurt, and welcome it…they think they deserve it. It’s hard to say whether Calithra actually gets enjoyment out of doing anything…
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