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    Doctor Marcos da Olivera
    Race: Human with a twinge of draconian. A "Twinge" being 1/4.
    Class: Doctor/Sorcerer
    Age: 27
    Power Level 4 +
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Being a doctor, he normally uses magic for healing purposes. While his magic can't perform surgery, it can cure some physical & mental ailments, insanity not being one of them. Other magic fighting powers. Which are varied. And powerful. Heightened senses, due to Draconic-ness. Spell resistance, mainly prevents healing.

    He has a pistol... He wears a white doctor's coat, but no gloves or glasses.

    He's from Brazil, and has dark skin as a result. As far as looks go, he looks good for a human. Strong and muscular. He has blemishes and scars, but he still looks good. He has a little bit of stubble, but not enough to be considered: "Action Hero Sexy" stubble. He has short, black, & curly hair and black eyes.

    Being Brazllian, he speaks Portuguese. He likes Jazz and 80s rock, but also likes R&B. He is shy around girls, especially those he thinks are cute. He's normally fun to be around, though.

    To be added.
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