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    Room for one more?

    Name: Darius Kiljaeran

    Tall, with black hair and a long, drawn face. His eyes are brown and usually bloodshot, due to many hours of lost sleep. His appearance varies from day to day; Sometimes scruffy and unshaven, sometimes well-presented. He wears a standard long sleeved haori along with a single glove that covers his right hand.

    Appears relaxed and controlled at first glance, but in actuality harbors deep paranoia towards anything within his sight. His eyes constantly scan the surrounding area looking for possible threats. He tries to avoid confrontations where the odds are against him or even 50-50, looking to maximize his chances in any situation. During mundane conversations or tasks he seems fairly normal, letting familiar routine take over while the more unstable parts of his mind drift away to plot and plan.

    In battle he tries to maintain a balanced mindset, but the cries of his soul slayer frequently get the better of him and make him succumb to baser instincts. When in control he tries to shake his opponent's composure as much as possible while staying on stable ground, waiting for them to make a crucial mistake or reveal a gap in their armour.

    Zanpaktou: Sensouken (War Dog)

    Sealed Form: An unmarked longsword. If touched, a slight vibration can be felt.

    Release command: "Cry havoc, Sensouken!"

    The sword grows jagged toothlike extrusions around its edge and begins to visibly vibrate. It now emits screaming shockwaves of sound in whatever direction it's swung, causing knockback and moderate damage. An enemy hit by or parrying the waves or parrying Sensouken directly experiences momentary confusion and an inability to think rationally, making them more likely to slip and leave an opening for further strikes.

    A pack of oversized spectral dogs erupt from the sword, taking station around the user while emitting constant cries. The sword's sound waves are now continuous, omnidirectional and considerably stronger, threatening anything that comes near with heavy damage and deflection. The main threat, though, is upon the mind; Most victims within the area of effect will be quickly reduced to snarling unthinking beasts, unable to even distinguish friend from foe. Those with strong wills can avoid succumbing immediately, but they must move quickly lest they too fall under the influence.

    Manifestation: A collection of vicious hounds that share a single voice.
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