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    Gender: Male
    Race: Proto-Human / Male Incarnate

    Age: Ancient
    Alignment: Unclear

    Other names: The First, Big Bad Wolf, Fenrir, Alfa, Orion, Adamaroth, Deucalion, Adar

    Description: To most, Astir is a tall entity, recognisably human, but only just – one might, initially, see a giant, or some form of elf, where, really, an early (or the first) human stands. His musculature is certainly inhuman, not for any reason of grotesqueness, merely as it is quite so perfect – a confused Renaissance sculptor, locked away from the world, would draw Astir’s body as the norm, with no knowledge of what a real human is – and his eyes, a glowing, radiant blue, bright as the moon, are injuman, also. His hair is a shade flickering between chestnut brown, and ebony black, fluctuating depending on the lighting of whichever area he’s currently inhabiting, it’s style unconsidered, typically messy, yet short.. His skin is a mellow shade of brown, and is smooth as marble, ‘twas as if he was crafted out of the stuff. However, although one may consider this description beautiful, Astir does have a number of negative qualities, also: his teeth are sharpened fangs, lupine, and his hands are overly sized, like Michelangelo’s Adam, they look as if they could crush a skull – and due to the carnivorous expression that oft-settles on his pre-Raphaelite face, one might think, indeed, that such an act of barbarity was quite possible from this entity.

    However, to the insane, the drug-addled, or the incredibly perceptive, Astir can be seen in a number of different forms – he may be a huge, wolf-like monster, his great, toothed maw dripping with rabies-brimming foam as he hungers, primal, for blood – or a great beacon of shining light, blazing like the sun, blinding to observe – or, finally, as an ancient corpse, light blasting out of long-empty eye sockets, disgusting teeth devouring everything from a mouth that has not touched food for ever so long.

    Powers and Abilities:
    Mastery of the Elements: Astir is able to manipulate each of the four classical Greek elements (fire, earth, air, and water), also avoiding possible primal laws by seemingly creating or destroying those aforementioned fabrics of existence as he pleases. Using these elemental abilities, he is also able to become as light and intangible as air, become as bright as the largest solar flare, move across the earth in a translocation (or teleportation) effect, and suspend objects with telekinetic as if he was holding them in pressured seas.
    Babelline Speech: Astir is able to converse with any entity, without needing to know its language. It should be able to reply in his comprehension, even were it not to have the correct faculties to reply - sometimes the ability can manifest as telepathy, which he can employ at some distance.
    Body of the Ancients: Astir is incredibly fast, strong, and tough. Bullets literally bounce off his flesh, leaving no dents or stains, he can lift vehicles with relative ease, and can run faster than nearly any normal entity. He is also high resistant to poisons and diseases, heals incredibly quickly, and can not be killed from lack of food and water, suffocation, or drowning.
    Touch of Sin: Astir has, due to past events, been exposed to the seven sins at great length, and, to some degree, use them on others. Each of his seven sin (wroth, lust, sloth, envy, greed, gluttony, pride) spirits can be deployed to another entity, providing said entity does not have severe magical protection, and is a small distance away. Astir can not cast the same sin on someone new till he has reclaimed the already-deployed spirit of sin in a manner similar to giving it out in the first place.
    Oldway Shielding: Astir is not immune to magic(k), or extraordinary effect by any means, but has a peculiar form of resistance - powers such as magic(k) warp around him, often not having the desired effect.
    Kindred Spirits: Astir is oft-aware as to the location of any of the incarnates of Eve, and any of his imbued spouses or children.
    Matrimony: Astir is able to imbue a willing subject with a number of powers and abilities, through touch. The process is reversable, but only if the person refutes said powers, or Astir is able to touch them again to remove them. Each "gift" of "marriage" comes with a certain flaw, and, like with his sins, Astir has a limited number of said gifts, and cannot use them again till he has reclaimed the original.
    Kindred: Astir has one very special gift that he has never, ever used.

    Weaknesses: To be discovered.
    Backstory: To be discovered.
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