I think you've yet again made a solid class, ErrantX. There are a few kinks however:

Skill Focus? Weapon Focus? Together? I think this set of requirements would make the Master of One quite underpowered. Considering that you get WF for all associated weapons at 5th level, I'd think making it just Skill Focus is fine. Blade Meditation is a nice requirement, but it conflicts with the BAB requirement (you need +4 BAB for BM, but only +3 for this class). I'd say make Blade Meditation a bonus feat for Discipline Initiate (instead of the +2 to save series, since then you're effectively given the PC a +4 to one save just by entering this class, which is a bit redundant).

The BAB, maneuver requirement conflict with the skill requirement. You'd need to be level 6 to get those skill ranks, but only level 5 to get the BAB and Maneuver requirements. I think you intended for this class to be taken at 6th level, up to 10th (which explains why none of the class abilities are that powerful), and not 7th to 11th (but I could be very wrong in this regard). Nevertheless, the different requirements send off mixed signals, which I think could be fixed to avoid misinterpretations.


Discipline Initiate: You already know the discipline, so its skill is already your class skill (you even have skill focus in it), so that line is redundant. Other than that, see my suggestion above.

Discipline Recovery is quite underwhelming, and Swordsages can do better with Adaptive style. If you really want to keep the ability, I suggest making it usable more times per day (3 or 4 sound about right, or maybe make it usable according to the levels in Master of One that you have, to a max of 5). Otherwise, I think another ability that's not a bonus feat would fit well here.

Discipline Adept: Looks good, though I wouldn't mind seeing a minor benefit as well (such as a +1 to attack bonus when initiating strikes of that discipline, explained as mastering the timing of the strike to increase accuracy).

Perfect Form: I like this. The increase in DC is much appreciated (with Blade Meditation, that's a +5 to DC total. T-Up

Discipline Master: A bit underwhelming for a capstone ability. Essentially just 2 feats (applied to a lot of weapons, but then again Warblades also get that) and a bit of flexibility. I'd think about maybe changing this or swapping it with Perfect Form (and buff up the Initiator level by a bit) to make PF the capstone.