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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Crimson Blossom of the Fen

    Alternate Names: Scarlet
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Power Source: Abyssal Exalted, Midnight Caste
    Moral Indicator: Tainted
    Other: N/A

    Description: Crimson is about five feet and two inches in height, and of somewhat below average weight. She has pale white skin, ivory colored eyes, and vivid, literally red hair. No matter what styling of clothing she wears, Crimson always has a liberal amount of black and red in coloring in it.

    Possessions of Note: Crimson possesses a small bracelet and a large dagger both made of the same type of material- a dark gray, greasy and writhing steel that seems to emit terrifying whispers of sound from time to time. According to her, these two items were made out of an alloy of steel and souls, her bracelet particularly being made of the soul of her mother.
    The only other object of note that she owns is a gleaming golden necklace her father gave to her, which seems to possess its own warmth and exerts a calming influence.

    For those uncertain of how to interpret some of the things noted above-

    -Species defines what type of creature someone is. Race defines ethnicity and nationality. Hence, I use species instead of race.

    -Power source defines where the character's main capability and power comes from. If a character has martial arts training, I would say martial arts.

    -Moral Indicator. Alignment is a purely DnD based system. my Moral system will encompass more possibilities and incorporate more gray tones to it than the Alignment system, and yet will remain compatible. Here are the following indicators:
    Holy Alignments

    -Pure: the character is innately holy in some capacity. This may mean they are a saint or other character of somehow supernatural goodness.

    -Blessed: the character radiates holiness. This may mean the character is an angel, or the recipient of some obvious holy magic. This is not the same as pure, in that Blessed does not require the character to actually perform good acts themselves.

    Unremarkable Alignments

    -Undefined: the character is unremarkable on the moral spectrum. Even a person who does generally good or bad deeds could fall here, as long as their deeds don't fall into unnatural proportions. There is nothing to detect from these people.

    -Hidden: the character's moral indicator is undetectable for whatever reason. They may simply be uncannily slippery, or resistant to detecting magic in some capacity.

    Corrupted Alignments

    -Corrupt: the character is innately evil in some capacity, similar to how a Pure character is innately good. They may be a champion of some horrible god, or a horrible god themselves.

    -Tainted: the character radiates evilness. This does not necessarily mean the character is evil themselves.

    It is worth noting that a character can gain multiple descriptors, and that one is incapable of telling the difference between any of the alignment pairs shown above (it is possible to tell if someone radiates evil, for example, but not if they are Corrupt or Tainted).

    -Other: anything else short I want to add, which will typically be something obvious and/or important.
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