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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Humanish
    Age: 135
    Alignment: Choatic Good
    Class (or approximation): some sort of arcane caster
    Description: A tallish man with grayish skin. He his bald, though his head is adorned by two brownish-orange stripes. Ristris' eyes are two different colors, teal and red. He wears a scarlet robe and an olive colored cape with a diamond clapse. He is usually grumpy and doesn't show a true "good" attitude, but is good at heart. He has magically extended his life.

    Weapons:Magic! And a notebook, where he writes bad poetry, terrible songs, explosive runes, and symbols of insanity!

    Risitris' Spellbook

    An large tomb. This is where Risitris keeps his spells. The mage has it in extradimensional storage and can summon it to him.

    Fireball: Your basic fireball.

    Lightning Bolt: Your basic lightning blot.

    Ray of Frost: A ray of cold energy and ice.

    Sunbeam: An intense beam of light and heat. Harmful to the undead.

    Magic Missile: A missile of magic!

    Stone to Mud: Turns stone or soil to mud. Risitris uses this in a rather nasty fashion, turning the ground around an enemy into a 7-foot deep mud-hole. Then, when his enemy has sunk down a bit, Risitris uses Mud to Stone.

    Mud to Stone: Turns mud to stone. See usage above.

    Risitris' Shiney Sword: Risitris summons a magical sword to him. It hovers and fights independant of its master. It also gives off a faint glow.

    Teleport: A teleport!

    Fly: With a touch, Risitris can give the ability of flight.

    Detect Magic: Detects... Magic...

    Symbol of Insanity: Creates a symbol in the air or on a flat surface that causes insanity to come to those who look upon it.

    Sheild of Madness: A mental sheild. If anyone trys to look into Risitris' mind, they get a Symbol of Insanity projected into their mind.

    And more to come!

    Miscellaneous: He is now known as the Resident Rude Mage, or RRM for short!

    Backstory: What backstory?
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