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    Karuka Kurosawa

    Note: Karuka has been taken over by her Inner Hollow, and as such, this page does not properly apply for the entity. It will be kept as is, as there is the chance of her regaining control.

    EDITED NOTE: She has regained control. This profile applies again!

    Gender: Female

    Race: Shinigami/Vizard (Vizard side repressed)

    Age: She doesn't really remember. Records show 650.

    Alignment: Used to be Chaotic Neutral.

    Now more True Neutral. That is, she is remorseful for her actions, but she's not redeemed properly yet.

    Class (or approximation): Warrior Shinigami

    Alilities: Beyond captain-level, Vizard with perfect control of her abilities. However, she is poor at Kido.

    Due to suppression of her Inner Hollow to a very, very large degree, she has weakened to the level of a lieutenant. So, she's still quite strong, but she doesn't have Bankai.

    Shikai (Initial Release): "Rustle through the treetops, Kaze!"

    When her new Shikai is released, Karuka's sword dissolves into the wind, which she can then control. It is able to blow and/or cut opponents, and she can also reform the blade in order to block an attack.

    Bankai (Final Release): N/A (not attained)

    Skills: Excellent at using her Zanpaktou and Shunpo.

    Also has quite good language skills.

    Theme Song: Soundscape to Ardor
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