Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid Branded/Celestial. All of the physical benefits of a half-laguz and an angel.
Age: 16. However, Angela is, ah, physically mature enough that she can pass for being above twenty.
Alignment: CN. For the most part, Angela's motives are selfish and frequently hurt others. However, she has shown guilt at this and wishes to help others more often.
Class: Assassin/Chosen One of Lunaria
Power Rating: 6
Description: A young woman, perhaps a bit on the short side. While she is also on the extremely attractive side, her feature that stands out the most would be a pair of rust colored fox ears that poke through her fiery red hair. After the ears come the eyes, in her case a solid dark orange iris with vertical black slits for pupils. Of course, these are noticeable just in their strangeness; the rest of her figure, while common issue for a female humanoid, seems to be pleasantly upgraded. There is also something Fey in the woman's striking features and mischeviously alluring smile.
Werefox form:
Angel Form:

Equipment & Abilities: To be added later.
Backstory: To be added later.