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    Thank you, KnightDisciple. And thank you for the translations, Collin.

    Name: Hayashi Daisuke (family name, given name)

    Position: Captain-Commander

    Reiatsu: When sealed and in Shikai, it is orange.
    However, when in Bankai, it shifts to Dark Orange, with a fair amount of Dark Red thrown in.

    Personality: Captain Hayashi Daisuke is a fair leader of the Gotei 13, making sure to not aggrivate his subordinates, although he has an... active sense of humor, for example making joke versions of Captain Satoshi's plans and then publicly posting them. He will try to find out as much as he can about his subordinates, in order to understand them. He does have a... flair for the dramatic, somthing which annoys Captain Sigmund no end. He also almost never uses titles unless he's about to say somthing serious.

    His major pastimes are playing music and reading.

    If anyone tries to hurt those under his command, he drops the slightly goofy guy act, and will utterly destroy those who were foolish enough to provoke him.

    Sealed form: A large katana, kind of like the sealed form of Zangetsu.

    Shikai: "Yami ni Hikari wo Motte Koi, Shinken" (Bring light to the darkness, Divine Sword) The blade starts to glow, and I gain acsess to three special attacks
    • Shinya (Divine Arrow): The glow from Shinken extends much like an arrow made entirely of light
    • Shinbakufuu (Divine Blast): The glow from Shinken forms into a blast of energy
    • Shinbikari (Divine Light): The glow increases to a level of brightness that blinds anyone but Daisuke who looks at the blade

    Bankai: "Moetatsu Hikari" The glow form the blade starts to behave almost like fire, and in fact the blade burns anyone cut by it. All three of the attacks acsessable in Shikai are sitll available, and become stronger.

    There is also engraving on Moetatsu Hikari. This is not visible past the intensity of the glow, but as time continues, the engraving starts to slow with a silvery light. As this happens, Daisuke becomes even more powerful. The reason for this is that using Bankai actually sends Moetatsu Hikari into a beserk rage, that gets stronger as time goes by.

    The reason that Shinken is so large actually rests in Moetatsu Hikari. You see, most Bankai are large, and so require a large amount of energy to keep maintained, that being its only weakness. Moetatsu Hikari, however, gets no larger than normal, meaning that the massive amounts of reiatsu are concentrated in the (relatively) small area. This could start hurting Daisuke if the glow didn't start behaving like fire, and the large size of the blade allows the reiatsu to be dissapated. In fact, when he dons his Vizard mask, even this isn't enough, and the glow forms a pair of wings out of Daisuke's back. Needless to say, once this happens, the opponent is utterly, utterly stuffed.

    In shikai and bankai he can cause the blade to shatter, and then unleash a much more powerful version of any of his attacks (normally using Shinya).

    He also has a Vizard mask, and when using it and Moetatsu Hikari together, the glow emanating from the blade also forms a pair of wings.

    When using the shatter form of my attacks, in Bankai, with the Vizard mask, the glow actually completely stops for about a second before unleashing somthing that could very possibly make an atomic bomb look like a firecracker.

    Spirit: Shinken manifests as a young woman, who is dressed in a colour-swapped version of the shinigami uniform (white where there was black, and vice-versa).

    He also can pull off level 99 kido without incantation.
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