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    Erscheinung Von Geister (Wraith from the Mind): Cuarta Espada
    Cero Color: Dark gray (Dark Slate Gray, but hey).
    Aspect of Death: Fear

    Appearance and personality:
    Erscheinung (Thereby refered as Ersch), is tall and gaunt, normally walking in a hunched position, his hair is gray, long and always in a mess. His uniform is the standard Arrancar hakama, with the addition of a long white cape. He uses his zampaktou as a walking stick.

    The remains of Ersch's hollow mask appear as pauldrons over his shoulders, with the teeth pointing down, and elongated jawbones forming a high collar around his neck. His Espada Tatoo and hollow hole are not visible.

    Ersch's voice sounds like the cackling of a maniac, making hearers usually expect him to cackle like a madman at any moment of speech, but in general he will keep himself calm over any discussion. The old arrancar generally acts like he is in it for the fun, the fear, the women and the explosions. If such is a facade or not, it is hard to tell.

    Sealed Zanpaktou: Pesadelo (Nightmare)
    Pesadelo is usually seen as a staff of sorts, but on command, it projects the head of a barbed glaive with two blades. While in this form, pesadelo is used to fire Ersch's Dos Ceros.

    Erscheinung's Sealed Abilities (other than the basics):

    Velo del Miedo: Erscheinung can create a field over himself, which causes those looking at him to gaze at their worst fears. Erscheinung himself does not inherently know what those fears are, and since each viewer sees his own fears, they cannot discover those of others due to this ability either.

    Torment the Fearful: Erscheinung can empower the fear afflicting another being, with various effects, depending on the individual. Some are shaken by the effect, hindering their fighting capability, others are frightened into inaction, while some are enraged by their fears. Depends on the person really.

    Bala Master: Erscheinung can fire bala with great precision and incredible speed.

    Cero Master: Erscheinung boasts the ability to fire the fastest and strongest ceros of all Espada.

    Dos Ceros: Ersch can fire two ceros simultaneously while in his sealed state, they are fired from the blades of the glaive, and can be aimed at different targets or at the same target for devastating effect. This ability can also be used in conjunction with Gran Rey Cero.

    Garganta Master: Erscheinung's control of garganta was trained to the point he prefers this ability for tactical movement over Sonido at times. He also uses garganta to snipe at his enemies from Hueco Mundo, and even as an offensive or defensive ability itself (see Garganta del Vacío).

    Garganta del Vacío: Ersch's garganta can cause a potent windstorm towards itself, much like a whirlwind, this can drag opponents, allies and even attacks into the garganta, and drop them wherever he happened to target the effect.

    Resurrección: "Haunt, Pesadelo."
    Ersch's form becomes foggy and the two heads of the glaive become a second pair of twisted claws, with six fingers and oozing some kind of foul ichor from the stump of the wrists, while the haft vanishes in the mists, the remains of his hollow mask join in the middle of his body like a maw with a vertical opening line. Ersch's arms vanish in this form, and his hands, also turned into twisted claws, float lazily around him. He has no legs, merely hovering above the ground.

    Ressurrection Special Abilities:

    Mist Shroud: Erscheinung's body is enveloped in a heavy fog, making it difficult to properly strike his body.

    Numerosas Balas: Erscheinung can fire bala twice as fast as normal when ressurrection is active.

    Cuatro Ceros: Each of Erscheinung's hands can release a cero attack simultaneously. Identical to Dos Ceros, but with twice the effect.

    Telekinesis: Erscheinung's can control objects and creatures from a range while in his released state.

    Dampened Spiritual Pressure: Unlike others, who have their spiritual pressure bolstered release, Erscheinung's becomes harder to detect when released.

    Fade: Erscheinung can become partially invisible while in this form.

    Segunda Etapa: Pesadelo Antiguo (Ancient Nightmare)
    Erscheinung has mastered Segunda Etapa. While in this form, his body becomes a fully immaterial darkened mist, and only purely spiritual energy attacks (such as Ceros) can strike him. He loses the ability to physically affect his surroundings while in this form. His mask and hands from the previous form are still visible, but are ghostly in appearance and immaterial as well, however, he can shape as many hands as he wishes from the mists, this is mostly only a visual effect.
    Erschnung can enter Segunda Etapa directly from his unreleased state, much like a shinigami can enter Bankai directly from unsealed state. He does this by means of the command "Unravel that which binds reality, Pesadelo Antiguo!"

    Bankai Segunda Etapa special abilities:

    Greater Telekinesis: In segunda etapa, Erscheinung gains a vastly more efficient form of telekinesis, to offset his innability to actually exert strenght over anything.

    Tormenta de Balas: Erscheinung may release a true rain of bala attacks while in segunda etapa, and if surrounded by strong reiatsus, the number and power of the projectiles only increase, due to Spiritual Void.

    Ocho Ceros: In segunda etapa, Erscheinung can simmultaneously project eight cero blasts. If surrounded by strong Reiatsus, Spiritual Void will increase the size, range and power of the individual ceros.

    Spiritual Void: Erscheinung's spiritual pressure while in segunda etapa cannot be felt, leading to the impression that he has none. As a secondary effect, he passively absorbs the spiritual energy of those around him, further bolstering his own attacks with the stolen power.

    Engulf: Erscheinung can envelop one or more targets while in this form, hampering their vision and preventing their spiritual power to be felt from outside, while also preventing those within from sensing the spiritual power of those within or outside of the cloud.
    He may also afixx his ghostly mask to an engulfed target, taking control over their powers and abilities. but becoming unable to use his own as he does so. A creature possessed by him gains a strange black aura, and the individual's skin becomes darker. Additionally, the individual possessed gains Hierro, along with a slight boost in physical strength.

    Vanish: Erscheinung can turn completely invisible while in this form.

    Erscheinung has four beautiful female arrancar as his fracction, who, colectivelly, he calls "The Geisterdamen" ("Mind Ladies", alternativelly "Geister's Ladies" or "Crazy Chicks"). They are named:

    Zampaktou: Pétalo de Sangre (Blood petal)

    Zampaktou: Calamar Gigantesco (Giant Squid)

    Zampaktou: Vermiurgo (Vermiurge)

    Zampaktou: Gorgona (Gorgona)
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