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    Marro Kassagrad, Primera Espada

    Cero Color: Purple-Gray.
    Aspect of Death: Decay

    Appearance and personality:
    Marro is tall with an average build. His dark brown hair reaches to his shoulders and his face is clean-shaven. He wears the standard arrancar hakama and a long jacket, but also wears a gray scarf around his neck and looped across his torso (similar to Tousen's Hueco Mundo outfit). His zanpakutou is kept at the side of his waist at most times.

    The remains of his hollow mask form a row of upper teeth, covering most of his hairline and keeping the long hair out of his face. His espada tatoo is located on the back of his neck and his hollow hole is found in the middle of his chest, but usually remains covered by his jacket.

    Marro's personality matches his ordinary appearance. He is calm and calculating in most situations, often staying aside to observe rather than get directly involved. He often stays quiet when watching, but will sometimes taunt others if given the chance. In battle, his strategy is not to fight with strength, but with his wits. As mentioned, he will goad his opponents into fighting him, and usually let the challenger make the first attack in order to gauge their strength. He never fights with full-power, usually trying to draw out a battle as long as he can in order to let his poisonous gas overwhelm anyone else.

    Sealed Zanpaktou: Hidra. (Hydra)
    A katana with a purple-gray hilt. The guard is that of a small serpent head with the blade protruding from its mouth. When sealed, Marro's power is strangely low for such a high-ranking Espada as well.

    Resurrección: "Poison the world, Hidra."
    In his resurreccion state, Marro constantly released a form of poisonous gas. When inhaled, it has the following effects:

    Stage 1 - Mild skin and eye irritation.
    Stage 2 - The gas reaches the lungs and begins attacking them, making breathing more difficult. Skin and eye irritation increases.
    Stage 3 - The poison begins working its way into the bloodstream and to the muscles, cutting off their supply of oxygen and letting fatigue take over. The skin begins to burn and mild blindness may also result.
    Stage 4 - The poison starts to shut down basic motor functions, causing paralasis in some parts of the body. Complete and possibly permanent blindness begins to set in.
    Stage 5 - The poison directly attacks the heart, killing the victim.

    When his eight fraccion point their swords toward him, they each dissipate into a purple-gray gaseous form and surround Marro, eventually blocking him from view. After a few seconds, the "bubble" of gas around him explodes, covering the area and revealing his new form. His hollow mask has expanded into a full serpent-like helmet, and two more serpent heads similar to the one on his own head appear on his arms and cover his hands. Attached to his back are six more serpent heads, like grotesque snakes growing from his own body. Three wait behind each shoulder and can be directly controlled by Marro at any given time.

    The noxious gas continues to emit from his body, but in much greater amounts now. He can fire short blasts of the poison from any of the six heads behind him, or from each of his arms. As a more powerful tactic, he can expel it in all directions, covering the area in a heavy plume of it and forcing any hiding enemies to seek higher ground. He also has the ability to fire bursts of acid from any one of the heads, which will easily burn through most materials it touches. If his released body (or blood) touches any water, the poison will begin to spread and contaminate it.

    When injured, Marro's poisonous blood will also burn through most materials and emit even more of the gas. Additionally, he can regenerate wounds very quickly and replace lost limbs in a matter of seconds. If any of the serpent heads are severed, they will quickly grow back with no adverse effects. The only way to prevent the regeneration is to sever Marro's own head, and thus kill him.

    In addition to his abilities, his resurrección state also grants him a dramatic increase in speed, strength and hierro. Releasing his zanpakutou also allows him to fire a cero from any one of the nine heads on his body, or fire them all at once.


    Marro has eight fraccion in total, giving him the most fraccion of any other Espada. They all vary in appearance and personality; some are male, some are female, some are young, some are old, and the outfits they wear all have their own personal touches to them. Despite their differences, however, they do have some similarities. They each seem to have a different piece of the same hollow mask and the zanpakutou they all carry is of identical design to Marro's. They all have a number 1 tatoo on their bodies as well, which they keep hidden at all times.

    Vinoly Rafella
    Ambroz Tommasoro
    Maria Jujulla
    Legoretta Bofill
    Raimondo Raonco
    Teodemiro Alencar
    Santago Kalatra

    Kenikko Kuruma, Privaron Espada #105
    Cero Color: Blue

    Appearance and personality:
    Kenikko is relatively short and youthful, but usually maintains a wild look in his blue eyes. His scruffy, blue hair is mostly covered by his hollow mask, which reaches down past the back of his neck, resembling small plates of armor. Although he wears the standard Arrancar hakama, his long-tailed jacket is a different story. His collar is upturned most of the time and his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. His hollow hole is not visible, however.

    Kenikko will dive into a fight head-first if given the chance. He can be arrogant in battle, and does not like being underestimated. He enjoys a good fight, but rarely ever holds back for long, so tries to seek out opponents that will be able to stand up to his attacks.

    Despite his fiery personality, Kenikko is fiercely loyal to Toho and the Arrancar that outrank him, going so far as to leap into combat to defend them if so much as an enemy draws their weapon at those in question.

    Sealed Zanpakutou: Alacrán (Scorpion)
    Kenikko's zanpakutou takes the unusual shape of a scythe, usually attatched to the back of his waist. The featureless, black handle is about three feet long, but is curved a little for a better grip. At any moment, Kenikko can detatch the top scythe blade from the shaft, leaving the two connected by a thin chain. He can then use the weapon like a whip to attack at long range, similar to Cirucci Thunderwitch's Golondrina.

    Resurrección: "Strike, Alacrán!"
    After saying the release command, his zanpakuto glows white before surrounding Kenikko with light. Upon emerging, almost his entire body is now covered in white armor plates and he has a large, curved tail reaching up being him. On each hand, he has huge pincers which he uses for most attacks, but his tail can also strike outward very quickly. It has a long, sharp barb on the end and can reach surprisingly far.

    Kenikko's power comes in the form of speed when released, and when coupled with his heavy armor, it makes him a formidable foe.

    Masato Shinichi, Average-High School Student; Substitute Shinigami
    Age: 16
    Reiatsu: Sienna

    Masato is tall and fairly thin for his age. His dark hair is usually cut short and left scruffy and his eyes are a dark shade of brown. They almost seem like they're hiding something greater behind them, but that remains unknown. He tends to wear simple clothes most of the time, preferring not to dress-up for most occasions.

    If anything can be said of Masato, it's that he is loyal to his friends and family. Although he may have a bit of a hot temper at times, he will protect anyone he thinks he needs to, even against unthinkable odds. He holds a promise as one of the most important things two people can have, and that breaking one is a terrible insult.

    Aside from his loyal nature, Masato can be somewhat lazy as well. Although he can sometimes see ghosts and other spirits, he tends to take a melancholic approach to them, paying little heed when he can. With recent events, however, he has began to wonder if maybe things are getting out of control...

    Zanpakutou: ?????

    Masato's sealed zanpakutou is unlike most others. Although it appears generally as a normal katana, it is massive in size, standing just as tall as Masato is himself. The wrapping on the hilt is colored blue.

    Masato's shikai takes the shape of a large, guardless sword, not unlike Ichigo's. However, the single edge is color pure black, and the rest of the blade appears to have a kind of white covering over it that thickens as it moves away from the edge. On the opposite edge, there appear to be two ridges that run the entire length of the blade and jut out downward like two fangs, which remain on either side of Masato's wrists when he is holding the sword.

    It is a constant-release type zanpakutou, and has a few unique characteristics. As Masato wields it in combat, the blade will begin to heat up and start emitting steam. Once he unleashes enough power, the back end of the blade will erupt with crimson fire, which adds more power to all of his attacks. Additionally, he can fire blasts of flames from his zanpakutou as a projectile attack. One of the more unusual features of his zanpakutou is that it can cancel out the effects of Kido spells and thus protect Masato. It is unknown just how potentially powerful this ability could be if used properly, but since Masato cannot wield it very well, only a limited portion of its capability has been seen.

    Masato's bankai is odd in that the blade becomes much smaller than his shikai, which seems to burn away as he swings it into the ground before him. The impact sends the remaining shards off in every direction and the crimson fire from his zanpakutou surrounds him, shooting up into the air like a massive pillar. After releasing, Masato gains a white, sleeveless haori with red flames adorning the sides. Red fur lines the top and is joined by thick white and red shoulder pads.

    His abilities remain the same, including his signature wave of fire projectile, but with his energy now compressed into the blade, it makes the attacks much more potent and also allows him to fire them off more readily than before. He also gains a substantial boost in speed and strength upon releasing and his spiritual pressure changes into something unfamiliar and confusing, which will smother opponents if they let their concentration falter.

    Miharu Shinichi, College Student; Former Olympian


    Age: 23
    Reiatsu: Dark Slate Blue

    History: Miharu was once an average college student, studying away from home, but when her brother began to become more and more involved in the matters of Soul Society, she found herself wrapped up along the sidelines as well. On one of her annual trips to her best friend's grave, she encountered the Olympian Harubo, who convinced her to drink from his power and allow her to protect those she cares for herself instead of relying on others. This gave birth to the Olympian goddess Aphrodite.

    She spent a short time creating her own paradise in Olympus Mons before it was attacked by Hans and the Quincy Shrine. Somehow, she survived the blast, and woke up in the mortal world, her mind now broken between the helpless Miharu and the vengeful Aphrodite. Her mind remained in such a divided state until eventually she came face-to-face with the man who destroyed her gardens in Olympus Mons. After a brief struggle within her own mind, she finally was able to confront Hans and realize her potential power, finally putting an end to Aphrodite's influence over her body.

    Miharu is taller than her brother, but only by a little. She could easily be described as thin and attractive, with a head of long, straight hair that is as dark as the night itself, sometimes almost appearing purple in the right reflection. She carries a certain beauty in her face, although it seems to be haunted by look of burden of some sort, as if she was carrying guilt from her past along with every emotion she makes.

    Miharu used to have a more fiery personality than her brother, but due to her time as an Olympian, she has developed a far more introspective personality, spending a great deal of her time reflecting on who she is as a person. However, she was always a very selfless person, always making sure her brother was to school on time, and even in desperate moments, trying to protect others with her own life. However, since it was that very attitude that caused her to become Aphrodite, she has since become aware of her own personal demons, and is cautious in her attempts to protect anyone. First and foremost, she wants to protect herself from whatever evil might be lurking within her soul.

    Powers: Aphrodite had few powers, although she was able to drain an opponent's power and turn them to stone with a well-placed kiss. Whether or not she could repeat this ability is unknown, as it took a great deal out of her at the only time of its usage.

    Kaori, Modsoul Servant to Mori Kanji
    Speech Color: #FF7800

    Appearance: Kaori takes the appearance of a young girl with short, blonde hair. She always wears a long, orange dress with fuzzy white trimming and black boots. She also wears a high-collared, crimson cape that covers her neck and chin.

    Personality: Kaori's personality matches her appearance. She is youthful and spunky, though she tends to act like a spoiled brat at times, often becoming bored with long explanations or speeches and complaining if things don't go her way. Not surprisingly, she is playful and will mock those people she doesn't like... And occaisionally those people she does like as well. Despite her childish appearance and attitude, she is still very loyal to Kanji and to those she considers to be friends.

    Abilities: Kido Barriers - Kaori is trained in a specific kind of Kido. While she does not know any of the traditional Hado or Bakudo spells, she is proficient in creating simple yellow barriers of various shapes and sizes, similar to the powers of Hachigen Ushouda. However, her barriers can be broken relatively easily and will not stand up against mid or high-level Kido spells. As a result, she avoids combat situations whenever possible, instead opting to use barriers to shield places and objects.

    Kazunari Kyousuke, Former Captain of the 8th Division

    Reiatsu Color: Medium Turquoise

    Appearance: Kazunari is quite effeminate in his body language most of the time and his pale skin and long, wavy, blond hair only add to the image. He has a long face which matches his tall and relatively lanky frame. When he was still a captain, he wore the standard Shinigami robes with a few of his personal touches. His Captain's haori was sleeveless, but the sleeves of his robe were considerably long, which he often used to conceal his hands. After leaving Soul Society, Kazunari fell in love with the fashion styles and overall culture of the pre-Victorian era Europe, and thus dresses himself accordingly. He always tends to wear black pants and (strangely) a white, frilly shirt, but usually wears it under more modern, dark-colored jackets.

    Personality: Kazunari's unusual manner of dress suits his personality perfectly. With the time he spent in Europe, he picked up many of his mannerisms from their culture, including a love of classical music and an apparent dislike of everything that has since evolved. He always speaks in a very formal manner, even to his close friends, making it seem as if he looks down on them, even if he never intends it. In combat, Kazunari's love of music is very apparent, since he often sings and acts as though he is conducting an orchestra with every swing. Combined with his zanpakutou's abilities, he is a lover of spectacle and will never disappoint if given a chance to impress.

    Zanpakutou: Name not yet revealed.

    Sealed Form: A standard katana, slightly shorter than usual. The hilt is blue with turquoise trimming. A blue tassel also hangs from the bottom.

    Shikai: Not yet revealed.

    Bankai: Not yet revealed.

    Felix Sergiu, First Knight of the New Enclave
    Speech Color: #663300

    Appearance: Felix is tall with a relatively thin build. A short mess of dirty-blond hair sits atop his head, sometimes covering his young face in shadows, which give him a rather intimidating appearance, despite his age. His eyes, while a dull gray in color, seem very dark and disturbed to anyone looking into them, adding to his troubled visage.

    Felix usually wears simple clothing, mostly as he tries to avoid unwanted attention... For his time period, that is. He is most often seen wearing simple white shirts and dark pants without any kind of specific style (for the mid-1800s, mind you). However, he wears a large cuirass of leather armor over his torso and finger-less leather gloves, which he tucks the sleeves of his baggy shirt into. He also is usually seen wearing a thin belt, to which he attached the holster for the pistol he took from his late mentor Gabriel. Most of the time, he keeps his rapier sheathed at his side as well as any other items or equipment he may need tucked into pouches on his belt.

    Personality: Felix is young and inexperienced. Although he is a brave individual, who will do whatever necessary to fend off evil, when placed in a position of leadership, he struggles with his own self. While he has proven to have the skills, he lacks the belief in himself to properly lead. This conflict, which can almost be seen raging just beneath the surface of his eyes, is what drives Felix to search for his place in the world.

    Reconcilio - The standard-issue Enclave Glyph is inscribed upon his rapier and his pistol.

    Eximius - The pistol Felix wields (which he took from Gabriel) is inscribed with a Glyph that allows him to fire small, magical bullets as if they were regular ammunition, but without the need for gunpowder or additional bullets. They glyph has other abilities as well, such as being able to fire bolts of black lightning, but Felix is still inexperienced in its use, so he does not yet know how to use it to its full potential.

    Luminatio - Felix's rapier is also inscribed with a Glyph that imbues the blade with a white glow, allowing it to cut through solid objects more easily. He can also cause the blade to flash with a bright light, which he can then use as a distraction. When he concentrates, he can also fire large orbs of light that will follow their target for a short time and explode on impact. However, the orbs are slow moving and can be dodged fairly easily.

    Velox - Rather than imbue his leather armor with additional strength, Felix chose the route of agility. The Glyph he inscribed into his cuirass allows him to move considerably faster than normal, though he must concentrate to keep it active for long periods of time.

    Serena Dacre, Member of the New Enclave
    Speech Color: Haven't decided yet.

    History: Serena is the daughter of Octavian Dacre, who was the last Master Crusader of the Enclave back in the 19th century. She was brought into the Enclave against her will as a child, and was prepared to be a perfect warrior for their cause. Octavian saw his daughter as little more than a tool, and had the scribes tatoo various glyphs directly onto her young flesh, including an elegant glyph across her face and around her eyes. Unfortunately, their plans took the girl's mind and shattered it, leaving her broken and useless. The glyphs she had been imbued with all went dormant except for the one upon her face, which robbed her of her eyesight. However, the experimental glyphs replaced her physical eyesight with that of foresight. Soon, they realized she could very accurately predict the future, but only if her words could be deciphered.

    Octavian realized the girl's potential and demanded that she be taken care of. He treated her like a princess, but in reality only saw her as a tool to his own devices. Her mind never developed, leaving her as a child even as she matured into a woman. As time went on, she spoke fewer and fewer words to anyone, becoming more of a recluse with every passing moment. Octavian eventually saw that he was losing her, and had her sent to Italy to undergo a special treatment. However, after he was unsatisfied with the reports, he demanded that she be returned, a job that was given to the knight Gabriel and his apprentice Felix Sergiu. On their way back to Octavian however, the fate of the Enclave changed forever, and Serena was transported into the future along with the other survivors....

    Appearance: Serena is a young girl, in her early twenties and reasonably pretty. Long, dirty blonde hair runs down past her shoulders and her bangs cast shadows over her forehead and eyes, although she also wears a cloth blindfold at all times. Some glyphs can be seen tatooed on her face under the blindfold, but she tries to keep them hidden at all times.

    Serena is usually dressed in high-quality clothing when not traveling, including frilly dresses and anything else that high-class women would have been seen wearing in the mid-19th century. When on the road with other Enclave members, she is dressed modestly, but still enough to draw attention to the fact that she comes from a well-off family, almost as if she was dressed to be some sort of nobility.

    Personality: Being that her mind was broken by experimental glyphs in her early childhood, Serena's mind never developed into maturity while her body continued. As a result, she is painfully naive and childish in her mannerisms, when she chooses to show them. However, most of the time, she simply stays quiet and refuses to speak to anyone. While her mind is still immature, she has shown some signs of growth, but it is mostly buried beneath layers of trauma, perhaps even put there by her own will. Some have said that it is possible that she could develop mental maturity very rapidly, but doing so would have to be her own choice, which seems highly unlikely at this point.

    Glyphs: Serena's body is tatooed with many glyphs, but most of them are dormant and seemingly useless. There is only one, surrounding her eyes, that seems to have any effects.

    Prudentia - Serena is able to look into the future with her sightless eyes and accurately predict future events. She seems to have no limit to this ability, being able to predict events mere minutes before they happen, or entire decades. She speaks in cryptic ways (if she chooses to speak at all), so deciphering her prophecies is a difficult process. Nevertheless, she is a very valuable asset for the Enclave, and potentially for anyone who could harness her power...
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